Monday, November 13, 2017

A former colleague overwhelms with her review of my first book!

Yes, that is what she has done: Dr Sumana Chatterjee, Associate Professor of Chemistry, has overwhelmed me with gratitude, with her review of my first book! And just imagine, after years of no communication, I simply informed her about my book, on WhatsApp, requesting her to purchase and read the book. Spontaneous was her response, thinking not even for a moment why I hadn't contacted her during those elapsed years. She purchased the book, and as she started reading it, she kept me in the loop, informing me how she was feeling and receiving the book. Her words are words of affirmation and encouragement--from a person belonging to the field of chemistry embracing the presented in, as and through the book, instead of rejecting them as a purist. Her words are redemptive! And my requests to her didn't end... As she shared with me how much she has liked the book, along with the thanks to her, I conveyed another request in reply: to review the book. She agreed to that too and today has presented a lovely, innocent, gracious...beautifully scripted review! In my wildest of imagination could I conjure such a review: a fabulous gift? No. And as she calls out, "I would like to thank her and would request her to go on supplying us with more such in-depth analysis of Life on the platform of Organic Chemistry,” I can only humbly pray: So be it. Such graciousness...she has thanked me! Now, without further ado, I beckon you all to read the following words of grace, from my former colleague and my forever friend and well-wisher.

“I routinely read books on Chemistry. I have to do so because I teach Chemistry to a lot of interested and disinterested students who have enrolled in Basanti Devi College wishing to graduate in that subject. However, I stick to my boundaries which is physical Chemistry. I rarely venture into books of organic chemistry. When a former colleague of mine informed me that she had just published a book on that subject my initial response was lukewarm, but then she assured me that there was not a single equation throughout the book and that hooked my interest. I was really interested to know how anyone can tackle such a subject without chemical reactions to represent them. Then I read the title of the book: Why Happens, What happens… It is Chemistry, in the Laboratory of Life!

Thank God it is about Life, it might be something different. I enthusiastically purchased and began reading the book.

I was not disappointed. THIS BOOK IS DIFFERENT. Physics and Philosophy has gone hand in hand for a long time. Even Physical Chemistry perhaps could be interpreted in those terms, but Organic Chemistry! The reactants, the substrates, the medium, the energy requirements, the reaction mechanism, catalysis, even the individual reaction types like elimination, substitution and so on. Sushmita explored this virgin realm of finding analogies between living her life and lessons from Organic Chemistry. She did it with such an intuitive √©lan that like the prince of one thousand Arabian Nights we become addicted to her stories. Stories on Life being reflected in Organic Chemistry. I would like to thank her and would request her to go on supplying us with more such in-depth analysis of Life on the platform of Organic Chemistry.”

Thanks to you all as well. You all have been and are always immeasurable affirmative forces on this path and journey of life.

Love and warm regards,
November 13, 2017

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

For your kind information...

Dear All,
This is for your kind information and for spreading the information!
Along with writing and freelance editing, I am once again open to giving tuition, in English and Chemistry, to students in Class VII and above. I also look forward to teaching underprivileged kids.The decision is hugely inspired by near and dear ones, who feel and think that by not teaching I am depriving many. I humbly take a note of their view and Love--as well as some signals from life. If I have it in me to give as a teacher, I am willing, with humility.
So feel free to contact me (please spread the word) for freelance writing, editing and tuition.
You can contact me at: &
Thank you!
Love and warm regards to all,
November 9, 2017

Friday, October 20, 2017

From Chapter 1, of the book

'Rewind and Play

Can we edit our past?

Is it possible to bring about a change in the part of our lives that we have already left behind? No matter how frantically we might want to, can we “rewind” and “play”—actually re-live the moments of life that we have already spent? No... The “past” is past. The situation with a chemical change is quite similar. It is permanent; we cannot edit it once it is done with.

But then, nothing is absolute in nature! Rather, deviations and exceptions are the norm. That is what is encountered in a chemical laboratory and in the laboratory of life as well.

Even though the past cannot be edited, it helps us deal with our “present”—and rectify, if required—so as to have a better “future.” By reverting to our past in our present with a constructive intent,  we reverse the effects in the future. Likewise, there are some chemical reactions too, that are “reversible. And is utilized the reversibility, to meet the requirements, serving the cause of the reaction, as in case of “life reactions.” When we find it to proceed in an undesirable fashion, we fashion it to move the desired way—by controlling the reaction conditions. Though, the way it is done, doesn’t fall under the purview this book, as: The intent is not to forward the technicalities of chemical knowledge (for that, text books are there), but to uphold the similarities in the philosophies governing the chemical interactions (reactions) and human interactions. Hence, only the awareness, that an outcome could be modified, suffices for our purpose.'

~ Chapter 1, Why Happens, What Happens... It is Chemistry, in Life's Laboratory!

October 20, 2017

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A comprehensive list

For those who have missed and who are yet to see the relevant links of the book Why Happens, What Happens... It is Chemistry, in LIfe’s Laboratory! I am once again sharing some of the relevant links of the book.
It is available on:
Link of the video trailer, on Youtube:
It has been extensively covered by the UGC-approved literary e-journal Muse India:
Its reviews have been published on:
Thank you for your patience!
Warm regards and wishes,
October 10, 2017

Friday, October 6, 2017

On Youtube, the video trailer of the book!

Dear All,

Have uploaded the video trailer of the book on Youtube. The link:

Please watch, share, spread the message...and also, please read the book and thus also spread its message. The book is for all...

Thank you!

Love and warm regards,

October 7, 2017

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Now available on Shopclues too!

Dear All,

On another online portal the book is henceforth available: Shopclues!

The link:

Please read the book and spread its message.

Thanks to Power Publishers for making it available through many online portals.

Thank all of you as well!

Love and warm regards,

October 4, 2017

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Video trailer of the book has been released!

Dear All,

A fabulous video trailer of the book, prepared by the fabulous team of Power Publishers, has been released! I have thoroughly enjoyed it and hope you all too will.

Thank you!

Warm regards and wishes,

October 3, 2017