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Article posted in Kalaage: Rapture that words lead to!

Dear All, and all interested, I am sharing the article that I posted in Kalaage, followed by a brief author bio. The web link of the article: 

Rapture that words lead to!

The aura exuded by words—their hidden potential revealed and realized, the treasure without measure exposed—leads to a rapture that rupture forever the false notion that words are limited in reach and richness. It captures the imagination with their truth, and keeps unveiling incessantly the “invisible” in the words. The rapture, permanent once led to, keeps invoking tribute to words—that too worded by words, expressed in and through words. After all, all processes, in and of life, are cyclic, as life, in its entirety, is a cyclic process—a cycle, eternally recycled!

Thus, the process continues…and yet another word opens itself up, magnanimously, revealing its grandeur…leading to “sight,” and thus to cite, as led I am to the insight which are hence incited!

Two words, adjacent to one another in a blog, posted a couple of years ago, come together and open up a word! “Specific and “action,” appearing in a sentence as “specific action,” present the word, “specification,” specification opening up as: Specific action.

It is a “vision,” a flash of insight sighted, a flash of inspiration joining the two words, specific and action, to open up the word specification as the two joined words: specific and action! So is invoked this specific action: This presentation, a tribute to words, in and through words!

Definitely, a specification ensures a specific action, when the specifications for the action are received and followed well.

Words continue to inspire the awe and thaw the rigid notion, melting forever the illusory belief that limited in richness and reach they are. They are rich beyond measure, and their reach is beyond measure as well! But, their richness and reach, to us and for us, depends solely on how we receive them, how we get to “see” them—as thus only we conceive and receive them.

How, otherwise, two words come together to form and open up another word? They come together, and then move apart, showing how grandeur is ever a part of them, their truth transcending the apparent contrasts of “coming together” and “moving apart by opening up”! Words are rich without any specification! Thus, specification no more means what it meant to me, it means much more, the more endless! The more is entered the chest of treasures that words are and have, the more it opens up its chest, revealing more and more, with the intrinsic Word that it would ever have much more to offer, as what it is, is a dimensionless chest of treasure…ever open, yet, visible only when the invisible is spotted in the apparent, seen only when we are receptive to the scene it nurtures! Thus, led I am to see these words, differently—seeing their grand union—after two years of the scripting of the piece that holds these words, though, they have been ever unified, specification intrinsically enfolding specific action.

Every word holds an opening, beholding which, led we are to endless rapture!

Brief bio
I am a writer—an author and a freelance editor. Her first book—Why Happens, What Happens… It is Chemistry, in Life’s Laboratory!—was published in August 2017.

Recently, an article, “Dictation by Suggestion, Request, Persuasion,” has been published (April 2018 issue) in the peer-reviewed journal, The Criterion: An International Journal in English, in the category “Language & Linguistics,” and a poem, “Awakening…reckoning, beckoning!” too has been published in the same issue of the journal. The web links for the article and poem are and respectively.

My writings are shared and musings aired, humbly, on and along with other public domains. Grateful I am to the e-magazines Spiritual Lounge and Imantra, UGC-approved journal, Muse India, and peer-reviewed journal, The Criterion: An International Journal in English, for publishing the articles and poem.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Freedom from expectation is freedom from fear ~ A tribute to Rabindranath Tagore

Little did I know that I would be getting to know, in the way I have been led to know the known again: The moments of “zero expectation” are the moments that bless us with the fulfillments in ways unimagined, and even bless us with the fulfillment of desires that we are even unaware of having and harboring.

Yes, so it has happened again, with and as the Grace of God!

“What? And “How?” might be the two very natural questions, evoked by these declarations and affirmations! I shan’t keep anyone waiting! Actually, what happened is, I got led to the following words (presented in italics for discernment and for clarity)…the first sentence of the first paragraph, the realization (anew) and insight, being the precursor of the entire reception, expression and presentation, leading to this piece of sharing, the tribute unfurling on its own thus…

“When we expect not anything from anyone, we release all from our expectations, and primarily and actually we release ourselves from all demands and expectations. For this to happen though, blessing with the permanent state and level of Bliss-consciousness, the unwavering trust in the Divine, and hence in Self—accepting Self completely, Loving Self wholly—has to be in place. This in place, nothing is deemed out of place, relaxes as one then in the Infinite Sea of Isness, basking in the Ocean of Oneness with the Divine, Love and Light Eternal, asking not, anymore, anything, from anyone—not even from Self. Then, and always subsequently, ‘The mind is without fear.’ Then, Rabindranath Tagore’s prayer, for ‘Where the mind is without fear,’ meets with the yearned for answer: ‘Amen!’

Yes, Amen!”

Having received this, as the words flowed, and once they had thus flowed, I realized that I have been led to a tribute to the seer, philosopher, God-realized being…Rabindranath Tagore…on his birth anniversary—and unasked! And having realized, that so it has flowed, flowed, the following words, as reinforcements, affirmation and further acknowledgment…

“When we expect not, desires are realized—and in ways unprecedented and unimagined. So is the call too, to free ourselves from history, free from precedence (yes, genetic too), as expectation is limited by and to history, precedence, limited perspective-bred thought and belief.”

And subsequent to these words, forms the title of this tribute, as the realization makes itself known: Freedom from expectation is freedom from fear, and when the mind is free from expectation, mind is free from fear.

Truth calls out to all: Be not a prisoner of history and precedence. Be free from expectation. Freedom from expectation is freedom from doubt, and hence, is freedom from fear. Trust in Truth, sets free from expectation. Truth is free. Truth is Infinite. Let go, and let It glow, flow and guide!

Eternal Word of Truth is: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32,

Indeed! And so have flowed these words, when little did I know that I would be led to and blessed with them…little did I know that this tribute would form and flow, for this immortal essence in form, Truth-realized, Rabindranath Tagore! And as it has flowed and formed, on his “birth anniversary,” so has been affirmed, yet again: Timing is ever perfect, as Divine Order forms and guides life eternally, the Divine being Love Unconditional, Light Eternal!

9 May 2018 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

As shared, on

A note, shared as “bio,” on, sharing with you all too, as is meant for all...
“I am an author and a freelance editor of books, also having the experience (of close to 9 years) of teaching in a government college (left the job in 2012).
My first book upholds a truth of life: There is a cause, behind every effect, even if invisible is the cause. Without the cause, effect cannot be! Invisibility of proof, is no proof of the non-existence of proof! And making the invisible, visible, in and as our awareness, is the work and purpose and quest of science! We all are in search of our existential truth, in search of our Source, a quest it is, and the Ultimate Treasure Hunt! And our search takes us on the varied routes of the various “subjects,” “disciplines”: each, a unique thought process, leading to the Destination, and shaping the destiny, consciously or otherwise. Each subject is similar at the core, as each subject seeks the One Core of all.
So upholds the truth, my first book: Why Happens, What Happens… It is Chemistry, in Life’s Laboratory!
The book contains not any chemical equation, rather, brings out the similarities in the philosophies of life, chemistry and psychology. A book for all it is, and kids (class 9–10 onwards) too will enjoy it, as the book makes them lose their fear of chemistry! The book is filled with anecdotes, shared as analogies. Each chapter begins with an incident from my life, and introduces the topic of the chapter. Learning is facilitated by “association,” and that is the purpose of analogies and that is what they do.
It is all about having a rocking chemistry with one’s own Self! Then only and thus, life rocks, and one thrives, no more heaving heavy sighs!
Wish all a thriving and rocking chemistry with Self, and thus, with Life in its entirety!”

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A tribute to Albert Einstein

I have been blessed to experience the humility of many, and in that list, shines Albert Einstein, and evokes this tribute to him—the tribute in itself the Divine’s Grace, just as he has gifted humanity, and eternity, with the gift immeasurable, a derivative of his Special Theory of Relativity, inarguably the most  famed equation, E = mc2.

On this day, the soul-in-form, the energy-in-form, called Albert Einstein, came to form and on his way to self-realization, as he accomplished the immeasurable, he humbly took no credit for all that he accessed and attained, humbly hailing his curiosity and not his talent: “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Realizing the necessity of curiosity—essential for inventions, as Plato says, “Necessity is the mother of invention”—he also calls out: “The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

Grounded firmly in and rooted to his Truth of being and buoyed thus by his humility, through his passionate curiosity he accessed the mechanism of manifestation (how all things come to form), and hence his equation, which, effectively says, “As you sow, so you reap.” He cracked the code, breaking the superficial barrier between energy and matter, and thus, that between science and spirituality too—both unique and thus relative approaches to understand the existential truths, and access the answer to why appears that which appears.

Impeccable, the Divine Order, perfect to the core, leading It is to the Perfect Core, Our Truth: call it God, Source, Vital Force, Creative Energy…whatever you will, all are synonyms. As we believe so it is, for us!

As is the energy, so is the materialization. As we think, so we become, and so we create…

Amazing is the natural law, that pervades and forms the order of life, and beholds the infinite promise of leading to the fulfillment of our potential, when it is fully utilized.

Awe inspired, realizing himself to be just tool, a relay, a conduit of the Source, in this Divine scheme of Life Eternal, Einstein acknowledges:

ü  “There is no logical way to the discovery of these elemental laws. There is only the way of intuition, which is helped by a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance”
ü  “Occurrences in this domain are beyond the reach of exact prediction because of the variety of factors in operation, not because of any lack of order in nature.”
ü  “The more I study metaphysics, the more I am drawn to metaphysics.”

And questioned many times, regarding what relativity it is, he answers with his child-like curiosity and simplicity, affirming that relativity is not something meant only for those delving into science and specifically physics, rather, it is all-pervasive in our life. We live relativity day in and day out, whether we know or not. “Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That's relativity!” That’s how Albert Einstein, almost synonymous with relativity, defines relativity—enamoring, humbling and awe-inspiring his simplicity, curiosity, creativity, commitment and humility.

And having been led to this tribute to Einstein, I humbly acknowledge that it is actually a tribute to the Eternal, Inexhaustible Energy, Love & Light Eternal, the Divine, God, Whose humility, graciousness has been acknowledged by yet another realized soul, Rabindranath Tagore, through his innumerable writings, each a tribute to the Source, and still, out of that infinite ocean of his writings, the one that comes to the fore, having so surfaced many times before, is: “Thou hast made me endless, such is thy pleasure.”

Indeed, endless is the pleasure of the Infinite, as infinite is Its humility…and so is Its pleasure presented through and acknowledged by Albert Einstein! Happy Birthday, Albert Einstein Sir!

Yes, “the name is Einstein, Albert Einstein!” He lives on, as the essence, as the endless energy unique…

14 March 2018

Friday, March 2, 2018

An insect, in meditation

Life moves through the unprecedented as well as repetitive incidents, though intrinsically each is unique, ensuring that one is led to the contemplative essence of life. Such is the platter and palette of life, guiding us to taste and test basically our very own palate! The process of life is entirely cyclic, and thus, reflexive—keeps on pointing and leading to the Origin, One, of one and all. Reflections of the like are innumerable and constantly in flow and form, but sighted and envisaged when the mind is found to be reflective, contemplative.

Life so lures, as alluring is the call of life, beckoning to experience and embody the fact: Life is redemptive, in form to realize the formless essence of life in form that one is. Life, constantly, relentlessly, untiringly affirms that each one of us is a unique creation of the One Creator, Who is one with all Its created. None is superior or inferior—each, an art in form, a science in flow, a philosophy in the process of unfurling!

Such has been an experience that evokes and incites, and thus invokes, all that thus flow… Yesterday, in the afternoon, had the privilege of watching an insect, akin to a grasshopper, composed its pose, provoking and invoking a self-answering query!

For minutes, and then for hours together, found the insect maintaining its pose, position—and more importantly, its poise, as it sat on the window sill, absolutely still! “Meditative” is the word that sprung in and as the consciousness. I know not when the insect left its spot, and came out of its state of stillness. Didn’t disturb it, as felt an analogy with the external silence and calm too that one looks and longs for, when one is in meditation and is yet to access and attain and embody permanently the permanent peace, the state of bliss, one’s essence.

The query indentifies itself, first: “Is it in meditation?” And immediately is followed by its alter ego, the answer and the affirmation: “The same Infinite Intelligence runs and moves through all, and forms us all. Then how intelligent it is to claim and brag that, as humans, we are the most intelligent species—we are God’s, the Infinite Creative Intelligence’s, ‘the creation’?”

Indeed! God—the Creator, one with all Its created—Unconditional Love, Light Eternal doesn’t discriminate and so, even insects too meditate…and so, immediate is the realization! Thus, an insect serves as the tool of contemplation, bisecting and dissecting, intervening and dissolving, once again, the superficial notion of any one species’ superiority, with exquisite simplicity! The insect flies not, rather, through its very own meditation, guides to meditative moments, blessing with the affirmation of the Divine: It is one with Its created, and not even for a moment does it dissociate from the created. It is, so one is…It is, so are one and all. It is ever protecting, always guiding, myriad Its ways, each mirroring Its Reflections, even if engrossingly ever so subtly!

Yes, the process of life is entirely cyclic, and thus, reflexive, as the Origin keeps on pointing and leading to Itself—the Origin, One, of one and all!

3 March 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Views, on the review of the book by the Chief Editor of Muse India

Thank you all for reading the gracious and comprehensive, awe-inspiring and humbling review of my first book—Why Happens, What Happens... It is Chemistry, in Life's Laboratory!—by the Chief Editor of Muse India, U Atreya Sarma. Thank you for your views too, all, naturally, praising the review. Of the many, that I received, include the acknowledgments: “Well-written,” “Detailed,” “Excellent review.” These are but just a few, yet, the common factor, in all, is the appreciation of the reviewer’s erudition and presentation.

As I thank each one of you for constant and unstinted support—and that is encouragement too—your ways unique, I take this opportunity to share a view, on the review, from another gracious friend, and who has magnanimously conveyed that I may use it as I like. He is Devashish Mittal, the Managing Director of Good Times Books. His views, I share with all of you!

Happy to see your book been reviewed by Muse India. Congratulations and best wishes. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Its quite a detailed one and very insightful too. I like the most of it but specially the term "multi-dimensional self-help book" and, John's questions and reactions. It makes me more curious to read your whole book very very soon, though I already got a copy quite some time back.

Once again, thank you all for spontaneously going through my posts!

My warm regards and wishes to you all!


15 February 2018

Monday, February 12, 2018

Review of Book 1 in Muse India


There is something new, obviously, since the last time we "met," which brings me here to this "sharing space"!

Well, without any ado, I share hereby the news and its content! Though yes, there is one thing that isn't a news to the readers who grace this space: the magnanimity, erudition, awe-inspiring creativity, humbling graciousness of UGC-approved literary journal, Muse India, and its Chief Editor, U Atreya Sarma!

The review, by him, of my first book—Why Happens, What Happens... It is Chemistry, in Life's Laboratory!—has been published today, in Issue No.77 (Jan-Feb 2018) of Muse India. Here is the link:

Please access it in the "Book Review (S)" section.

Also, for those who wish to read it here itself, please find the same below.

Thank you and warm regards.

It is Chemistry, In Life’s Laboratory
Atreya Sarma U

Why Happens, What Happens… It is Chemistry, In Life’s Laboratory
Power Publishers, 2017
ISBN: 978-93-86526-14-4
Pp 133 | 250

A chemist’s organo-philosophical view of human psychology

When Sushmita offered me her book for a review, two things glided into my mind – acetoacetic ester with its formula and amyl alcohol with its fragrance, for they are the only ones I can remember from my tryst with Organic Chemistry of my college days; and the theme interested me. A quick cursory flip through the leaves of the book left me with this first impression, and it has lasted even after reading through it:
‘The multi-dimensional self-help book Why Happens, What Happens… It is Chemistry, In Life’s Laboratory by Sushmita is unique for reasons more than one - firstly, the very concept of applying various principles of chemistry, coupled with Psychology, to the questions and answers pertaining to life in general is highly creative and bold; secondly, it demands a reasonably thorough grasp of life; thirdly, it is a self-help book that is intended to appeal to one and all in the community. The book is also a testimony to Sushmita’s passion for writing, for she quit her job as a lecturer in organic chemistry after having served for over eight years, even as she continues to be in grips with her specialisation of organic chemistry – to transform herself into a full-time writer cum copy-editor. Sushmita had done her Masters in organic chemistry and qualified in the UGC-CSIR conducted National Eligibility Test (NET). One should compliment her for the visualisation of the theme and finally for its materialisation. A keen reading of this book would stimulate every youth and every educated person, apart from every chemistry and every psychology scholar, to sharpen their analytical, synthesising and comprehending capabilities.’ 
“The book is an extension of the understanding of Chemistry to life’s fields of Philosophy and Psychology,” observes Dr Dayanand Mukhopadhyay, ex-Professor of Organic Chemistry & Dean, Faculty of Science, Bihar University (Foreword). Interestingly, in what can be termed a perfect chemical equation, the book has been dedicated to another chemist, Dr Nagendra Prasad, who served as the Head, Department of Chemistry, Bihar University.

In a beautifully forceful language laced with alliteration and pun and with effective narration stemming from a deep understanding and contemplation of the various interactions underlying the complex human life, Sushmita applies her knowledge of Organic Chemistry to identify “the cause of every effect that affects us, to ultimately bless with the bliss of a wonderful chemistry with our own selves, and so with all and everything” (Author’s note).

The existential question ‘Why are things the way they are in life?’ together with ‘Why are we the way we are?’ and the like “haunts and taunts us, whenever our life daunts us.” New situations have brought forth newer tools and inventions; and “Only by breaking the conventions have inventions been made!” (Introduction)

Chemistry is about equations and bonding, so too is human life though we may not know chemistry, as elucidated in the Afterword.

As humans all of us have our own experiences. And what exactly is an experience? Sushmita says it is “…the action and reaction of belief and perception leads to a product, called ‘experience’ (Introduction). Our experience shows that different persons tend to react differently to a same situation. The author drives this point home by way of the following example, where the question is same, but answers are different.
a) “I will hit you,” said John to Tom.

    “You are most welcome,” replied Tom.

b) “I will hit you,” said John to Dick.

    “I shall hit you back,” replied Dick.

c) “I will hit you,” said John to Harry.

    “I shall sue you,” Harry replied.

d) “I will hit you,” said John to Jerry.

    “I shall kill you,” retorted Jerry.
The reactions could be many more than the above, adds the author. “The first one typifies a personality imbued with “Gandhian” philosophy... The second personifies Newton’s 3rd law: Every action has got an equal and opposite reaction. The third represents a person who will allow you to do something, and then, tighten the legal noose on you, manipulative being the intent. The last one comes across as an outright aggressor,” explains Sushmita (p 11).

The book is divided into 10 chapters, each one prefixed with an interesting truism. For us to have an idea of the type of contents in the book, let us take a look at the truisms:
“How you act and react, depends on Who You Are and What You Are Being.”
(Ch. 1: Life and Reaction)

“Bonding leads to stability. Bond with Self.”
(Ch. 2: Bond)

“To be selective or reactive – the choice is yours.”
(Ch. 3: Reactivity versus Selectivity)

“Unless you interact, you cannot relate and respond.”
(Ch. 4: Medium)

“Influence of an influence is manifest in the effect.”
(Ch. 5: Influence)

“The more excited you are, the more reactive you are.”
(Ch. 6: Reaction and Energy)

“Even by coming down you gain.”
(Ch. 7: Reaction Hill)

“If you knew things why things happened the way they did, you wouldn’t be judgmental.” (Ch. 8: Reaction Mechanism).

“Myriad are the ways we react…each having its own significance”
(Ch. 9: Organic Reactions).

“Life is a ledger of chain reactions.”
(Ch. 10: Chemistry and Nature: The Inseparable Duo)
A combination of chemistry, psychology and philosophy helps us to understand and appreciate human life better. Though philosophy is not a science it comes in handy to recognise the truth of Nature and the non-apparent reasons behind the apparent ones. It is a meta-science, a science behind science, in the same way what cannot be explained by physics is called metaphysics, reasons out Sushmita, who in order to underline its importance quotes Albert Einstein: “The more I study physics, the more I am drawn to metaphysics” (114).

Knowledge being one but vast, it has branched out into different subjects, but they are always parts of the same whole, hence are interrelated. Not only the thinkers from the humanities but also the scientists are agreed upon this.

John Henry Newman says:
“…all branches of knowledge are connected together, because the subject-matter of knowledge is intimately united in itself, as being the acts and the work of the Creator. Hence it is that the Sciences, into which our knowledge may be said to be cast, have multiplied bearings one on another, and an internal sympathy, and admit, or rather demand, comparison and adjustment. They complete, correct, balance each other.”
And here is what a Nobel-winning chemist observes, as quoted by Sushmita in her Afterword:
“There is mathematics in music, a kinship of science and poetry in the description of nature, and exquisite form in a molecule. Attempts to place different disciplines in different camps are revealed as artificial in the face of the unity of knowledge.”
It is hoped that these few observations will set off a reaction in you the readers to go in for a copy of this stimulating work.

Issue 77 (Jan-Feb 2018)