Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Strangest Stranger

Destiny is Truth.
Truth is Stranger than Fiction.
So Destiny is Stranger than Fiction--by extrapolation and integration.

In fact the Strangest Stranger......the way it unfolds, the pre-destined (not known to us before hand) time it manifests itself, its nature and the ultimate result......none we expect....neither the result nor the timing.

Strange are the ways of life. Sometimes they favour you to the hilt...when you might be expecting just the contrary and at other times even the most well planned effort and intentions do not turn out the way intended.

But yes, both, the good times as well as the bad ones teach us lot.... though only if we are willing students.

Trying times too hold positive intonations.....which we need to distill out. While good times have a high propensity of pushing us to the brink of over-confidence, a precursor of arrogance.

I wouldn't want to get into the argument of what or who shapes our destiny--we ourselves or our environment or SOMEBODY UP THERE. But I would reiterate that Destiny is the Only Certainty--Whosoever or Whatsoever is The Mechanic, notwithstanding--Once it is Attained.

Maybe it is these very "UNKNOWN PLAYER (S)" which/who make Destiny an Enigma and hence a Stranger, The Strangest One.

Sushmita Mukherjee,
30th May 2010.