Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Mandatory 100 Days

The Mandatory 100 Days

“The test of our patience ends in a pro-test.”

The credibility of our protest depends on what we are protesting for, as it directly stands for what we are for. If the cause in itself is to serve some unscrupulous purpose then quite evidently our intentions come under the scanner. We then manifest the existence of a self-gratifying trait, which quite naturally renders us ‘self-ish’.

But the funniest part of life, as well as tragic at times, is the paradox it shoves at us very frequently. And what I aim to state through this deluge of words, I leave you to interpret—in which category you would want to place it.

To get back to where I had started as regards to protest vis-à-vis purpose, even when the purpose is legitimate the mere way of expressing it at times, turns it into if not illegitimate, but definitely equally despicable.

I think by now you have been able to gauge what I am aiming at it. Yes, it is about the adherence to the “Theory of Bandhs”. It has really become a land of bandhs and about it I have mentioned in my blog, “City of Seasonal Bandhs and Protest Marches”, though with reference to the prevalent theme of, ‘Won’t work and won’t allow to work’, in Bengal—that too in a specific season.

I know Bandhs are the most common, if not most popular, way to protest. But is it the most potent and ethical way to do so? NO. It has the reverse effect and if things continue in the same vain, soon we might have to ‘Protest against this show of Protest’—how about a Bandh for a Bandh?! 

Just imagine, these bandhs do not spare anybody—a daily wager who loses his food for the day along with his family, a critically ill person forced to meet……on being disallowed a passage to the hospital. Are these not criminal acts?

Furthermore, Indian Railways has made it mandatory for ticket reservations to be made 90days in advance. Innumerable trains got cancelled today, the 5th of July 2010, flights too were hampered. Who would compensate for the harassments? Procuring a reservation is very tough, to say the least, and even after that people are not allowed to undertake the journey—which they plan with some valid reasons—is it just not intolerable?

The parties say the bandhs are ‘for the people’. There couldn’t be a bigger misrepresentation of facts. They are ‘by the people’ but definitely ‘against the people’.

I don’t think this form of protest is patronized in any other country. Does that mean the politicians are insensitive to the issues? Hardly.

In our country, it seems that this Malignancy of Bandh is to continue unabated as also the Atrocities of the Government—which is duping the world with the ‘story’ of a thriving Indian Economy (ref:  my blog ‘Economics of Economy’).

So the only way to fight the problem that arises as far as planning a trip is concerned, is by making it mandatory to announce the bandhs ‘100 Days in Advance’—The Mandatory 100 days.

Sushmita Mukherjee,
5th July 2010.