Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hypocrisy of Democracy

Hypocrisy of Democracy

At times I—as well as people like me—get tired of writing about these things repeatedly. But given the tenacity of the perpetrators—for propagation of undesirable activities—I am pulled up from the labyrinthine tiredness.  I am sure I have used the term ‘hypocrisy of democracy’ in one of my blogs, but don’t quite remember, which one. In any case, it is not only I, but also majority of the population—the qualified class, herein I refrain from using the word ‘educated’…no disrespect intended—who feel the same. And it is this ONENESS, which is now compelling me to put my thoughts to words.

As one tragic incident after the other follows…being flashed in the newspapers while the electronic media airs the heart rending scenes…all because of the shameless acts of the politicians –men and (wo)men in power—I decided to take up one issue…though not relegating others as far as their severity is concerned…which most definitely makes mockery of the term DEMOCRACY and CIVILISATION.

The RSS chief, Mr. Sudarshan, made some comments on Mrs. Sonia Gandhi…whether it was his personal views or his party’s that is redundant here. The status of a remark is marked by the response it generates from the recipient or from the people on her/his behalf…and I don’t claim that the contents of the comments shouldn’t have irked or offended the people it did. But my point is, whether the nature of the protest over it should have been so violent? Did it call for the destruction of public property all over India?

I know by putting forth these questions I am giving people the scope to call me ‘communal’ and what not. But mind it I am yet to congratulate Mr. Sudarshan for his views! And I openly state that my religious views are ‘humane’…for which I don’t have to don a certificate around my neck. Also I believe that politics…for the sake of the nation…should be much above mud slinging…with interests of the citizens being the focal point.

At the same time I would like to ask the very protesters…who vented their anger (however justified that might have been)…were the comments more disgraceful than the disgrace that befalls the women of our country with frightening frequency?

Everyday honour of women is violated and desecrated…by molesters, rapists and also ‘rapist-husbands’. Even a child—a female child is not spared. But do we get to see such protests being staged, let alone nationwide, but even in the area to which the victim belongs. NO. This implies that such comments are more serious than the actually physically committed crimes against the gender of which Madam Gandhi is the most prominent representative in Indian context! I am in no way justifying the comments nor I am stating that there shouldn’t have been protests. On the contrary the comments could have generated protests alone…but the manner and magnitude for it is ridiculous, if one cannot say incredulous.

Wasn’t there a better method and definitely civilized method to protest?
Couldn’t the Congress party workers filed a Defamation Suit against the concerned person?
Or did they evaluate the comment and found it to be not offending enough legally?
And based on that they felt that they had the (il)legal right to do what they did…for what I don’t know…to please Mrs. Sonia Gandhi or to show their ‘respect’ for her?

We all would definitely like to see such unified concern and protest against the innumerable dishonourable acts being committed against women ‘in general’…instead of violent actions over comments against only prominent politicians. The politicians are supposedly, for us and by us…and most unfortunately one of us. I say, ‘unfortunately’, because once they become what they are, they forget this fact. And hence they see themselves as specimens of a different category…from the one they ‘thought they belonged’.

This has led to the abominable germination of double standards, wherein in the name of DEMOCRACY, we have become victims of factually HYPOCRISY OF DEMOCRACY. I don’t know how should I relate to India’s IN-DEPENDENCE –63 year old DEMOCRACY or 63 year old HYPOCRISY OF DEMOCRACY…

Sushmita Mukherjee,
17th November 2010.