Thursday, November 24, 2011

Everything Is NEW

We ask ourselves and others, "So, what is new?" But let us ponder over our own question...and we would invariably wonder as to why we asked this question. Because as we introspect...give some time to ourselves in silence we realize that everything is new. If we look at the gross, we find it unchanged. Yet 'the moment' as it gives way to the next...and a new moment is birthed, we at the core level too are re-birthed. 

No two moments are same...and as we live through these moments we too change, with our perceptions changing. Each new moment renews us...consciously or unconsciously. Our 'different' reactions and responses to 'similar' events bears testimony to this fact. It tells us how 'far' we have come...and that 'distance' traversed, is a measure of the evolution of our consciousness...of the being that we are. 

Though we usually term it as "coming of age" is actually the evolutionary process and its progress... that we are referring to...

It is thus this very "coming of age" that is wished for...for only then peace would envelope each and all in its sublime embrace...Our Creator's Grace...   

Sushmita Mukherjee,
November 24, 2011