Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tribute to Attributes of Words

Coming here, to post the postings under “What A Design!” has a reason, as everything has. All that transpires is an effect of a cause that perspires thus. Though yes reason is an individual’s domain, but how far that reasoning is individual is debatable as our perceptions are cumulative effects—of the individual and the collective. In fact the collective goes a long way to form an individual’s perception—more so if the individual has not been able to break free from the conditioned thinking.


Whatever be the mechanism behind the perceptions, one thing is certain that we all aspire, with ardent wishing that may we know what perspires to lead to that which has transpired—the reason behind the happenings in life.


The reasons for my presence here, with this tribute to words, are:

(i) Because of the attributes of the words.

(ii) And the reaffirming revelations I have had, which follows—and which I have deliberately kept under quote, as they came not now, but days ago:


“All realizations are actually revelations and revelations facilitate realizations. My revelations through (and as) words have truly led me to this realization of their limitlessness, with limitedness lying with the human perception and not words. When we accept the same, we revel in the same—as words, truly, more so for us writers, are respected and accepted as limitless. As we enter a realm we realize that there are more—stretching to the infinite. And it is prayed 'So Be It,' as far as the experience of all is concerned. Words the origin so the periphery.


Moreover, when looking from the perspective of life in general, we are creations of our own perceptions. Human perception being limited, humans comprise a race with majority living an unfulfilled potential. It is only when we open up to the treasure trove within do we realize the limitlessness. Even a glimpse of it is enough to enthrall us. At the same time soothes and empowers us, with the awareness of all that is there is there within, waiting to be tapped. Thus propels and impels us to open the ‘tap’ so as to allow the uninhibited flow of the blessings, which are thus real-ized, as made manifest, with blessings routed to an infinite reservoir within.”


As, “Love is the biggest healer,” to sum up, a line is remembered, “Pen is mightier than the sword.” It still is and will, as it has since time immemorial. Only the pen has become more of a metaphor, replaced by the keyboard, with the fingers that once held pen now tapping the keys of the board. But thankfully, words remain irreplaceable and words’ worth, undiminished—immeasurable as ever, and so to be, forever.


Sushmita Mukherjee,

May 31, 2012


P.S. Thanks to Mr. Kaustuv Chatterjee as well, for this post, as his comment on the above-mentioned posts, on the web site, incited comments from me which forms a part of this post. And I had quipped that it could become a post and so it has. He is thanked from the bottom of my heart for making me go within and access all that has come out—all that turns out to be a revelation for me as well. As now I know that I know all that has been shared.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Left to Write

The ‘Right’ of ‘Right’ is ‘The Right’ of Every Citizen, but with deficient governance, The Right is deemed suspended…and this when stood for, is adjudged ‘Not Right’. Yet it cannot choke that which is ‘Left’, which is always there, only at times ignored and left by us,‘The Right’ to ‘Write’. That is what makes pen mightier than the sword.

The Right to Write enables us to express our Right to Live, and not leave matters that need to be expressed and exposed, suppressed. As they are suppressed we are oppressed and as we Write we Writ against all that is oppressive. As we Write we express all that is already Writ indelibly on the psyche of people, yet unexpressed as it would be inedible for those who wish to impose and propagate ignorance and create a culture of suppression and dependence.

There are no rights or wrongs inherently but expression seeks freedom inherently. It is A Right, Written largely in our psyche from the moment of our inception.

And it is always Left to Write when people are forced to move from Right to Left in pursuit of their Right to exercise their Rights.

Sushmita Mukherjee,
May 28, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012


The beginning lines, in italics, are of my friend, Bhavesh Bati’s, and I am thankful to him. As while commenting on his comments I accessed all that follows. Discussions have this empowering abililty and this is how life operates as it continuously has us involved in co-creations—conscious or unconscious. Thus the comment was deleted as a comment and transformed into this note, which notes all that came up, and found its way out.

“Why Hope for something to Happen, when We have all the Power to make it happen????????

Hope Cripples us... And the result, you can see
*everywhere around us... Look at the life of people living with hope and of those living without one... Living every moment out...”

Hope is a positive aspect, but for that you have to absolutely sure and have absolute faith in your intents and the support from within. Hope doesn't cripple. It is the doubt that does. When you look ahead with hope and faith you do not become hopeless. But yes just hoping but not intending to play an active part in the fruition of the hope is crippling. Everything is relative. So nothing could be labeled as good or bad—it is all contextual.

Hope on its own, cannot stand fully. But by 'being' hope one allows all to stand on their own. And again to be it, one has to be one's true self as every manifestation begins within.

The situation *cited is a result of an adulterated hope. Mixed with hopelessness--"Since we can't do anything else, let us hope that something will happen" being the philosophy, is what my perception tells me. It becomes a default option wherein, one instead of playing one's part places the onus on the external. We are always making things happen--consciously or unconsciously. Even when we abstain we are choosing to allow things to happen in a particular fashion.

And in the context of conscious choices do we not come across situation when the materialization happens not quite in the manner we envisioned? What do we say then and how do we accept the same?

With the affirmation from within, "Everything always happens for the best". And then again we state that we had hoped it would transpire in a particular manner, but though it hasn't, we hope all sees the bigger picture behind the manifestation as we do, that "Everything does indeed happen for the best. The manifestations, which corroborate this fact, though invisible, now, would be visible at the right moment."

Just imagine a statement: “I hope not, as I simply know that the thing will transpire in the fashion desired”. Yet things transpire as per our desire, ditto, when the mind-body-soul is in coherence.

Logic of the metaphysical plane is absolute and works on the principle of absolute faith.
Faith keeps one truly alive. As faith keeps hope alive one is assured that come what may, irrespective of the situation, everything does work out for the best as the same is ensured.

We are not even the doers. We are the ‘choosers’—whether we choose to be who we are and allow the Force Within to work fully and freely. The choice is ours and the choice is the determinant of our life.

Be-ing holds the key to all materialization. And through being when our doing emanates we are filled with irrevocable hope which rubs on all around and dissolves all hopelessness for good and for ever.

So hope doesn’t cripple us. But the way it is used decides whether it is crippling or rejuvenating. And this takes me back to a debate that has been on since time immemorial, “Science is a boon or a bane?”

What do we say about getting the answer: “We hope to get to an absolute dissolution of the debate”, or, “We know we would get to it since we would make it happen?”

Sushmita Mukherjee,
May 21, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Is It The Other Way Round?

Coming in the wake of “So Be It”, little did I know that I would be drawn to the words that are forcing their way out—as an expression of what is being felt within. And this is not the first time that the same has happened as this is the way it always does with myself grateful as I wake up to their presence. The Force convinces me--even as it forces its way out—that nothing could be more apt following what it follows… “So Be It”. And who I am to say anything if not “So Be it”.

It directly takes me to the fact:

We keep praying for things and whatever it is we pray for is definitely a great matter of great significance to us—irrespective of what others might think.

As we pray and call out to The Almighty…the truly All Mighty, considering it as an entity separate from self, the ways we pray are usually:

(a) “I wish for…”
(b) “Please give me…”
(c) “May I be able…”

Whichever way it is, it makes implicit that, that our answers are not implicit to us in our life as they are not explicit. It is quite natural as well, as we live our life as physical beings on this physical plane—bound by innumerable bindings of the mind. No wonder life becomes a grind—day in, day out—with no ways out in sight. The insight being inaccessible to us as sight is more outside than inside.

And the root of all misery is the belief that to ‘earn the faith and thus blessings of God’ we have to ‘do’ something; and that God is in temples, but not in the primary temple—that is our own being. That our ‘be-ing’ is a proof of existence of The Life Force, that we call God, within, eludes us triggering the biggest delusion and sufferings thus.

Yet when we accept that the divine is within we spontaneously realize that we have been given everything. It is we who keep the materializations at bay by not allowing the Life Force to fully flow through us. What we pray as “So Be It” is thus affirmed as “So It Would Be” as “So It Is” already. We become aware that the manifestation which we seek is already made manifest with faith. It is only the concept of time and space that deludes us with veiling of the same.

My faith tells me that it is The Divinity within, which is calling out to us, praying and at the same time affirming, “You have been given everything. Realize your self and real-ize your fullest potential.”

It is the other way round. As The Creator is one with all of Its Creation there is no separate entity to look up to, but an inherent entity, within, our Highest Self—The Source Within, The Creative Force of The Universe.

It is the Force Within which seeks release as IT prays, “So Be It”.

It is the other way round with God urging, praying and affirming, “So, Be It”, “So Be It” and “So It Is”.

Thus instead of “May God Bless All” the affirmation comes out as confirmation from within, “God Blesses All”.

Sushmita Mukherjee,
May 17, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So Be It

What A Design!

As we come to this part, I feel what I feel always—that no part is apart from any of the parts. It is a continuum and we concentrate on the infinite aspects of one and the same aspect one at a time. But to share what I am ‘given’ to share, I have been inspired to share it in a manner which doesn’t call for your time too much. Hence, in parts. Yet it is wished that they call out to you and reaches you all.

Though yes, the ways would differ. We receive the one and the same thing in different manner. Experience is an individual thing. And again the individual experiences, go on to form the collective experience and collective destiny, as they are shared. I hope I have been able to share the wonders that I am blessed with, in the form of these revelations—for whatever they are worth…

What it means to me could very well not mean to you. Meaning is a purely customized aspect—a designer issue! Meaning is what we give. As is the meaning so is our experience. And as is the experience so is the meaning perceived.

Thus varies the meaning of a single word for different people. Yet we say worth of words is limited. Are the words limited or is it the perception that is limited? Once we open ourselves to the worth of words we accept and appreciate the limitlessness of words, instead of lamenting on the perceived limitedness of the same. Then as we create, so we say—actually we pray—for every creative expression, “So Be It” and follow it up with a gentle nudge to the creation, “So, Be It”. “So” being the limitlessness of the worth.

And So It Has Been with William Wordsworth—the being and his creations, as one!!! As he has been said, “So, Be It”…so he has responded, “So Be It”…and so we are urged and egged to be beings@soulbeings .unlimited , transforming from . Accessing the Soul, we access the unlimited potential within, unlock it and success attains a different dimension altogether.

One who knows not self, knows none.

So we are urged: “Go for it—know yourself”.

Then are encouraged, “So, Be It”.

Are we ready to affirm, “So Be It”?

Hope and pray it is the latter… “So Be It”

Sushmita Mukherjee,
May 8, 2012


Monday, May 14, 2012

The Mechanism

What A Design!



The mechanism, as stated in Part-II, is as simple as is grand—as is the Design. After all beauty lies in simplicity, as simplicity doesn’t lie. Yet unable to comprehend simplicity, complexities are born, borne and propagated. Because the mind searches for reason, while the soul is the reason, which the mind fails to recognize, unless it does.


Mind believes in that what it sees and cannot accept the unmanifest. Though it itself is unmanifest! It cannot accept that things could emanate in absence of any visible source of knowledge/inspiration/wisdom. Thus the fact that bliss could be accessed in solitude is foreign to it, till it is convinced of the same.


The momentary flashes turn the moments momentous as they pour out nuggets from within. Or should we call from nowhere? As that is what it feels, as it comes up, and out from within—from that well of unfathomable depth. And then the mind too realizes that there is nothing called ‘nothing’ and nowhere called ‘no where’. As the consciousness is everywhere and everything is consciousness. The very fabric of life is consciousness. Call it energy, call it God Force. If you will. What you will is your will, but the fact remains that there is no ‘point’ in the universe which is a void; even quantum physics has proven that! Life is thriving in even nano spots, which earlier where labeled ‘void’ and ‘nothing’.


The revelation of the mechanism, of and in solitude, revolutionizes the meaning and implications and acceptability of solitude. The experiences of the flashes, the mind can no longer call false.


Solitude could be metaphorical and again could be literal—with the former being a situation when one is in the midst of all, yet one is completely one with one’s own self, is with one’s own self—in that ‘zone’. Thus is there, but not ‘in’ there.


Though the solitude, metaphorical or literal, each conducive to receipt of flashes, are to be complemented by the biggest solitude—a mind, lone, without any thoughts, empty, completely open and ready to receive the signals from the Source Within—the Infinite Reservoir. The flashes that are there, are there always. Yet the ripples they cause are noticed only when this state is attained, with the mind having accessed solitude too of the soul.


Solitude impacts differently all and solitude means different to all. But what it meant to Wordsworth is now understood by many. If not all…


With the mind away from the mind and its clatter, within and without, noises absent within and without, uncluttered, it receives and accepts all as it doesn’t use itself, rather responds to the voice within.


Solitude creates an attitude of gratitude, as one realizes the creativity within, and thus the worth of one’s life, and thus feels worthy of this life. It is the Soul’s mission for which it comes on earth—the Sole mission to express itself fully and thus real-ize itself completely and in that Solitude is an empowering catalyst.


William Wordsworth realized this and honored it by paying tribute to solitude, reflecting his experiences through his expressions, in a way only he could changing the essence of solitude for ever…


Sushmita Mukherjee,

May 8, 2012


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bliss of Solitude

What A Design!



It is difficult to capture the enormity of the impact of The Designer and the Signatures, The Designs. The impacts create a design of their own, in the psyche. The Essence, The Designer, is Infinite and hence is the impact too. Yet, while this becomes the reason for limitation felt in expressing the impact, this very infiniteness gives us the liberty to express in infinite ways. We are thus never short of expressions, with each being different from the other—depending on the moment when they are received. ‘When’ decides the ‘how’, as ‘when’ holds the receptivity and its nature.


Thus while different individuals come up with different expression in the in the wake of the similar situations they wake up to, the same individual wakes up in different fashion—and expresses differently—keeping with the level of awakening experienced.  No wonder infinite expressions erupt out of the ‘well’ of unfathomable depth within. A ‘well’ which holds our well being, and which is accessed when we are being led to the depths of that ‘well’—our truth—makes us swell with wonderful inspirations, causing them to overflow and become creations, shared with the world. That which comes up, comes out.


And these inspirations are received as flashes, Hence, “The flash upon the inward eye, which is bliss of solitude”, by Wordsworth in his signature poem, ‘The Daffodils’.


This famous line has been on my lips since I read the poem, as a kid—then, more because my father uttered it often. Though he uttered with full awareness of what he was uttering, I muttered because he uttered it. Furthermore, as a kid, ‘quoting’ Wordsworth saw me ‘courting’ appreciation!  Who would forego that? Not even adults! Thus my utterance was adulterated with ignorance and craving for praise. But the inner voice kept asking as to how, and why, solitude could, and be, bliss.


Yet that it indeed is, I was made to realize in deed—with the impact of the flashes of inspiration on my own inward eye, in moments of absolute stillness, being with myself-- not surrounded by any and again surrounded by many—experiencing the solitude and the bliss. The truth ‘in’ the ‘line’ was underlined in my conscious consciousness and eyes opened to the philosophy and to the immeasurable worth of the words. That was my first real appreciation of the Soul, as the incarnation, called William Wordsworth.


Then the ‘mechanism of creation’—the way creativity works—started to dawn on me and the worth of words received, as inspirations, changed the meaning and significance of solitude for ever and thus the worth of solitude too…


Sushmita Mukherjee,

May 8, 2012


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What A Design! Part-I


What a master plan indeed it has been. It is difficult to come up with another example which would uphold synonym-ity (a manufactured word!) between the name and ‘the’ person’s achievements, in keeping with the same—that is the name. It is sheer poetic justice, to me—a poet’s worthy contribution to the name he came to. It is an embodiment of “Made For Each Other”, the only difference in the use of the phrase, from its conventional usage, is that there is no ‘other’!

Well, well, no more of suspense. The person and the name is none other than William Wordsworth!

It is amazing, if we ponder from the physical plane, “How could this have happened?” And we would say, “What a coincidence?” But life from the bigger perspective, from the angle of the absolute, makes it absolutely clear that there are no coincidences in life, and nothing happens by chance. Rather everything happens as per plan, The Divine Plan, which the mind cannot comprehend.

Just imagine the wonder: the Soul that came to be known as William Wordsworth, became ‘known’ only because of the Worth of his Words, which incidentally is immeasurable. Is it because he was worthy so he became the William Wordsworth, that we enjoy? Which though incidentally he is…why otherwise he would be what he is? Or is it because the Soul had a divine plan to come into a family with an inheritance of the title “Wordsworth?”

It is The Soul that Made William Wordsworth That He IS…and Not the other way round. And The Soul, In and As, William Wordsworth truly lived as The Soul.    

He thus has lived up to the ‘billing’ of this inheritance and even beyond it, as he continues to live in the midst of us all…for All That His Words Were Worth, and Worthy of Being Thus Immortalized…as The Worth IS Unbound, Limitless, Infinite…as The Soul IS.  

It indeed is a Grand De-sign, Sign-ed, by ‘The Designer’, with William Wordsworth being One of The Signature Designs.

Sushmita Mukherjee,

May 8, 2012           

Friday, May 4, 2012

"Think with your heart and listen to it, as The Soul talks through it. And through it, The Source Within."

Sushmita Mukherjee,
May 4, 2012

Befitting Sequel...Or A Befitting Prequel?

It is an absolute masterpiece from a Master.

Kahlil Gibran On Children

As it is shared with me, so thoughtfully by my friend, Uma Chandrasekaran, in the context of my 'post', "Whose Shoes Are You Wearing", it is befitting that this be shared with all...honoring the Master and Uma.  I must accept as touched I am by this sharing, I hope that this touches all parents, parents-to-be, hoping-to-be-parents, children too (so that they get over the fear that by following their calling they are committing a crime against their parents)...and teachers (as they have a huge role to play; as friend, philosopher, guide--spotting the spark and its nature, and guiding the student accordingly)...and what we get is all running in their own shoes...neither borrowed nor forcibly worn.

It hardly matters whether the post has been a prequel to this masterpiece...or this masterpiece is a sequel to the post. What matters is that it would be truly befitting when it benefits, as is intended. The benefit is the matter that is wished for  materialization.

With best wishes to all...

Sushmita Mukherjee,
May 4, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Whose shoes are you wearing?

Does somebody else’s shoe fit you? And even if the ‘size’ is same do you feel comfortable in the shoes that are not yours? NO. Yet this is what has been in operation…with people living the lives of others, from the perspectives of all but of self. No wonder life becomes a constant source of discomfort, while the real source of the discomfort is one’s own self. Thus even before one leaves the earth, one has already left it, living as a spent force.

So is it not high time that our education system placed thrust on knowing oneself as the primal and sacred knowledge? True we have counseling system in place but the biggest counsel is within…but that has to be accessed. Once that happens education would be truly educating, instead of a system of piling degrees and becoming qualified, but not educated.

And the parents have to be convinced that the kids are to be allowed to grow, which they can’t if they are constantly imposed upon. Impositions are contradictory to growth, even figuratively. Just imagine, imposition is a force downward on something, while growth is always upward.

None of the degrees would be capable of combating the pathogen—deficient self-knowledge, the biggest knowledge of all.

Your truth, and adherence to the same, opens vistas that were not apparent before, facilitating your growth to unprecedented heights—real-izing wondrous aspects of your own self. That first step, to know the truth of self, and the next, towards it, is all that is required to live out your infinite potential, with ease and in bliss. 

So instead of entering into somebody else’s shoes, be convinced of the size of yours, and check which type of shoes help you to walk with ease. Once that happens, you will in fact, be running in your shoes—even if you are not wearing a pair running shoes!

Sushmita Mukherjee,
May 3, 2012

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Warmth of Reunion

A very hot weather can be weathered without using the air-conditioners. But for that the condition required has to be overpowering. The intensity has to be more intense than that of the weather.

And this we indeed are capable of…and do experience to be capable of. Though whether we are aware of having weathered the external conditions is another issue altogether!

As we ponder…we are left to wonder how could we, what we could!  Yes, we all have over come the external conditions without withering even a bit, some time or the other. And some of us are frequently accomplishing that consciously. 

Most definitely the question that is being asked,  as these words are read, could be, “When does that happen?” Well, when we are totally immersed in our being…in our vocation. The time and space then become mere metaphors.

Furthermore, the weather, even though very hot, accedes to the warmth of reunions, punctuated with conversations wherein at one stage everyone talks to everyone, but no one listens to anyone! As the weather accedes and concedes, we succeed in weathering it, even without consciously trying anything.

In both the conditions the external is forgotten, as we then, be, the beings that is not only body and mind, but something greater, which remains unaffected…and extends the same effect to the body and mind. Thus effectively the weather condition is befriended as it then doesn’t affect as adversely.

It is the warmth or reunion in both cases which douses the heat. In the latter, the external reunion and in the former, the reunion with one’s inner self.

It is all about being…and what we are being—whether we are beings of external conditioning that causes the external conditions to affect us.  Or by being beings of spontaneity … whereby we affect the conditions by conditioning it to resonate with our inner conditioning, spontaneously.

We are thus warmed by the warmth of the reunion, instead of being scorched by the heat.

Sushmita Mukherjee,
May 1, 2012