Friday, July 27, 2012

The Shaking Spear

What heads, might have shaken the heads of some, with instant recognition of that which is to follows; while others might be gradually shaking their heads as they read along, following, that which follows.

There is no point in ambling along, without this preamble—in this case the reason why I am here with this shaking spear. So before anything else is written the same is acknowledged. Months ago, when I had been privileged to come out with the ‘posts’ on Wordsworth and words’ worth, immeasurable (“What A Design!”, in four parts), I had been asked by my friend Stevem (on, what were my views on the great philosopher and poet with the shaking spear. Well he inspired me, and the inspiration becomes the reason. Inspirations are expressed in innumerable ways and they are the reason behind creations too. At times they come from within, while at other times they come from without.

But despite my best intentions, I could not shake the spear of intentions to materialize, before this moment, when it does. I had scribbled some points and even with them serving as the starting point, as I came here, I didn’t know what I could (and would) be writing on Shakespeare that is dependent on me for its unveiling. Beings like him and Wordsworth have been immortalized by their work. Yet at the same time the fact is that as inexhaustible are their works and contributions, so are the discussions. So I am here, egged on by Stevem, knowing fully well that though nothing depends on me to be revealed in this context.  I come with intent to share what I feel about the man with the shaking spear…William Shakespeare. And thus is added a humble view, to the inexhaustible list of commentators, on his work.  

The spear—his pen(in those days there were no keyboards!)—that shook, all, and enthralled at the same time, embody, through what it produced (his works and philosophy), his merger with life in a unique fashion, resulting in his unique expressions. Well, the spear really spared nothing. It soaked in everything—merging with, and drawing from, life fully—creating creations of immeasurable worth.

The Stage
His famous quip, “This world is a stage…,” is so true and at the same time, at times have a prophetic flavor too. The prophetic quality is experienced as life and its various stages are experienced. In fact the stage in itself varies, with different stages in life. Each stage creates a unique stage, involving specific players, who might not be present in ‘an other’ stage or would be (could be, might be) in a different role.

Stage of stages varies. And at the same time, the same stage is perceived—and thus experienced—as a conglomerate of different stages. Shakespeare understood this absolutely and thus is staged even today, with equal fervor, his plays. Each staging of the same tries to bring out something new, hitherto hidden. Shakespeare continues to—and will continue to—wield his spear The spear pierces the receptive with the etchings of new vision embossed forever, indelibly, as it has, since time immemorial. Truly we are all players, on the stage called world, playing our roles and varying our roles as the stage varies.

All that is staged, in and as life, doesn’t keep us caged in the confines of a single stage. Thus, in a single lifetime many lives are lived, with each stage, and each face of each stage, manifesting the renewal of life, within the same lifetime and hence renewed are we all.

Sushmita Mukherjee,
July 27, 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

How often?

Life is a process where past is definitely past. Yet the way it has passed comes to pass again...only to see how we receive it. Do we face it similarly or we face it by showing our differnt face to it--a face that is a bit more evolved? When it is the latter we are blessed with situations which we call revelations. As it indeed is so, because we get to see something, which we didn't, earlier. Or should we say, couldn't? Through these revelations, we ourselves are revealed to selves, with expressions, "How could I miss it?"; "Wow, it means this as well"...even we could be crying out in jubilation, "Eureka". And last but not the least, when we are overwhelmed by the nature of the revelation, we resort to thanking the Source Within Which guided us to the vision, enabling the revelation. 

Expressions vary, as does the experience. Yet all experiences are unique, hence incomparable. 

Here is shared such a dialogue, that took place within my consciousness, in accordance with the prelude...

A person, in the course of his discourse (the context is out of context here!), started with, “More often than not…”, and no sooner he had started, he was interrupted with an interjection from the audience, “How often?” Prompt came his reply, “As many ‘OUT OF TEN (OF TEN)’ you wish to assume. As far as the content here is concerned, it is ‘nine out of ten’ times.” 

As this dialogue ended, I was stunned , compounding the silence which had blessed me with the experience of the dialogue within.

I was found to wonder,  "How often I have used the word 'often'?"

The answer I received, "More often than not".

The question followed, "How often I saw OFTEN, as I do now, as OF TEN?"

I am replied by my self, "Till now, it was Zero OUT OF TEN...but henceforth, it will be as OFTEN AS TEN OUT OF TEN"!

A dialogue had thus erupted, with self, out of the preceding dialogue (between two imaginary, yet formless characters). And this too is something which happens often...and through it all I am again guided to the message, that messages are received by us depending on our receptivity.

Thus how often a situation comes to pass is not a determinant of whether we will have a revelation. Rather it is determined by how often we are in the moment, with the moment...

Sushmita Mukherjee,

July 15, 2012

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sharing July issue of an E-magazine

Sharing with all, the July 2012 issue, and incidentally the last published issue, of The E- Magazine, "Spiritual Lounge". Henceforth, all submissions will be accepted online on the upcoming website:,  from next month.

The links are: 

It has been a privilege to be write for the E-Magazine, since December, 2011.

It is truly an enlightening magazine and I am sure, as it shifts its abode, it would continue to reach and touch and heal many, as it has been...

Indeed it is an honor to be a part of it...and a part of the universe and its consciousness, as a whole.

With warm regards to all, I share this piece of joy, with all humility...with all...

Sushmita Mukherjee,
July 06, 2012