Sunday, July 15, 2012

How often?

Life is a process where past is definitely past. Yet the way it has passed comes to pass again...only to see how we receive it. Do we face it similarly or we face it by showing our differnt face to it--a face that is a bit more evolved? When it is the latter we are blessed with situations which we call revelations. As it indeed is so, because we get to see something, which we didn't, earlier. Or should we say, couldn't? Through these revelations, we ourselves are revealed to selves, with expressions, "How could I miss it?"; "Wow, it means this as well"...even we could be crying out in jubilation, "Eureka". And last but not the least, when we are overwhelmed by the nature of the revelation, we resort to thanking the Source Within Which guided us to the vision, enabling the revelation. 

Expressions vary, as does the experience. Yet all experiences are unique, hence incomparable. 

Here is shared such a dialogue, that took place within my consciousness, in accordance with the prelude...

A person, in the course of his discourse (the context is out of context here!), started with, “More often than not…”, and no sooner he had started, he was interrupted with an interjection from the audience, “How often?” Prompt came his reply, “As many ‘OUT OF TEN (OF TEN)’ you wish to assume. As far as the content here is concerned, it is ‘nine out of ten’ times.” 

As this dialogue ended, I was stunned , compounding the silence which had blessed me with the experience of the dialogue within.

I was found to wonder,  "How often I have used the word 'often'?"

The answer I received, "More often than not".

The question followed, "How often I saw OFTEN, as I do now, as OF TEN?"

I am replied by my self, "Till now, it was Zero OUT OF TEN...but henceforth, it will be as OFTEN AS TEN OUT OF TEN"!

A dialogue had thus erupted, with self, out of the preceding dialogue (between two imaginary, yet formless characters). And this too is something which happens often...and through it all I am again guided to the message, that messages are received by us depending on our receptivity.

Thus how often a situation comes to pass is not a determinant of whether we will have a revelation. Rather it is determined by how often we are in the moment, with the moment...

Sushmita Mukherjee,

July 15, 2012