Thursday, December 26, 2013

In the name of God

We have created a God-fearing society, instead of loving, claiming superiority of one religion over other, and of one being over another fellow being. All that is propagated in the name of God, by the claimed "all-knowers" of God, are manifestations of ignorance, asking for “what nots,” "in the name of God," portraying God as a judgmental, leash-whipping trainer, dictator—which couldn't be more apart from truth—is appalling. God is thus kept confined to particular forms, asking for sacrifices, as if we have something that God doesn’t have and has to thus beg or impose. God is said to be found only through specific rituals, failing which, condemnation is said to be assured, yet, how do we explain the good tidings from nowhere? How do we explain the happenings, in complete contradictions to the apparent contradictions? How do we explain the appearance of beings, forwarding our purpose, without even our asking or our knowing them, till the moment we do.

The turbulence and strife, that the world is rife with, we have created by creating a notion of a God external to us.  With the creation of a God separate from us, we have theologies fostering separation.  A God, external to us, is easy to blame and easier to impose: in the name of God. We have deified God, but we haven’t been able to create an edifice that honors our creation, our very essence....

But then, with evolution en masse, life's functioning prevailing always, God working, in, as and through us, healing reversals are ensured, and are in progress, too (through many luminaries, who have owned up the responsibility for the same, saying “yes” to the oneness with God), as is the trademark of an all-loving, unconditional essence, which we call God.... Truly, as Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God, Communion with God, and all is his books, for that matter, gently declare: Ours is a way, not the only way.

We run from pillar to post to find God, yet, not recognizing the host: our own selves. And all, we realize, when we go one way, within, as therein lies all the answers that we have ever sought, are seeking and therein resides the essence, the Source Energy of everything, which we call: Thy name is God. And as we proceed, reversals ensured, it is assured that atrocities “in the name of God” gives way to acknowledging the synchronicities of God, finding it within—finding Its synergy in and as our very own pulsating energy, within and without.

Sushmita Mukherjee,
December 26, 2013

P.S.: My friend Jyoti Sindhu is thanked, as her likewise sharing on Facebook serves as the catalyst for this post, drawing it out, from within to without.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


We do not know what we know, till we know....

Sushmita Mukherjee,
December 23, 2013

Thursday, December 5, 2013


"Presence" is always, as is of the "essence," and thus, independent it is of everything for its presence—including appearance. When we vibrate at the same frequency, we resonate and sense the "presence," even without the appearance.

Sushmita Mukherjee,
December 6, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

Incorporation of "NOTA" option in EVMs

Supreme Court's ruling, upholding to the fullest one of the fundamental rights, "right to vote," by incorporating the option, NOTA (none of the above), and instructing the incorporation of the same in the EVMs,  allowing the use of Rule 49-O, is truly revolutionary, in times evolutionary. It honors "the right to exercise the 'right to vote' in the right manner by choosing none of the candidates vying to represent them, if they are unacceptable (to the people whom they intend to represent)," for reasons significant enough for the people to so decide, is a huge ruling in favor of the comprehensive purview of democracy, honoring democracy. 

As news of this ruling is read, resonance is experienced with the blog, "Right of Right," posted here and on Facebook, on May 18, 2009, wherein this suggestion was made, after the insight was received in the wake of the experience that called out from within for such an option, so that despondence of the people, doesn't lead to indifference, causing them to abstain from exercising their voting rights, all, because the candidates are not amenable to them. 

Why should the "right" be thus misused: either by being unused, or used, but misused, by opting for a candidate having no other option, voting, simply for the sake of voting and exercising the "right?" Such a "right" is not a "right," but an imposition.

It is heartening to note, once again, that evolution, truly, is all-pervasive, and no system can be above and beyond evolution, as the system of life is divine and ensures that there comes a point in the eternal cycle of life, when the surge of mass, for truth, upstages everything else. The divine order can never be suppressed nor bettered. 

Through it all, all stand to gain, as this ruling marks, what rules, without ruling: the divine order, the truth of life. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Of Bond, Bonding and Binding: A Chemical-Psychological-Philosophical Take, Part 3

Of Bond, Bonding and Binding: A Chemical-Psychological-Philosophical Take

Part #3

Coming to this part, we come to that part which forms the crux of our life and living: We are never apart from beings and things, from our surroundings. Whether we bond consciously or not, does not change this fact. Though, yes, conscious and resonant ones, makes us thrive, drive towards soaring heights, while the dissonant ones drive us mad, make us strive to break away from the bonding, experiencing the same as binding.

Yet, all is a part of the grand designing of life: even the dissonant ones are in consonance with the purpose of life, as through them, too, we are led to realize where we stand, and why we stand where we stand, as understanding of selves improve. The very purpose of bonding and relationships, is so, as ultimate is the destination of self-realization.

Bonding is for stability, and in its absence, the bond breaks, as breaking-up leads to stability. What we share, grows, and with it, grow, we too. But, whether we grow or shrivel (growth of the negative) is determined by that “what” which we share. If it is love, which is always accompanied by its natural allies—faith, understanding, respect, gratitude—then its love’s pinnacle that is realized, causing us to realize the fullness of our being, growing incessantly, infinitely, the bliss experienced, manifesting stability, and spreading the same, all-around.

As the energy forms we are, the aura of our being, is propagated through our being.

Thus, when we share hatred, it is just the opposite that is manifested. The strife, that we strive to survive, is what thrives, as that is what we create through our sharing of hatred which grows to destructive proportions.

Natural order always comes into effect and the bond breaks, at least at the gross level, with the fundamental emotion—love—un-realized.

It is all about sharing, and that is what the organic compounds follow, with, in their case, the bonding element being the fundamental particle, electron. And there is beauty inherent: They come close to overlap, yet, till an optimum distance, which leads to the maximum level of bonding. Beyond this distance, the attractive forces that bind (in a bonding which is not a binding), are overpowered by the repulsive forces, and the bond breaks, to honor the individual stabilities of the bonding components, which is then found to be more, than in the bonded state. The space required to be bridged, and come close for bonding, is bridged, while the space required to be given, to honor the individuality of one another, too, is, leading to the spectacle of stability of the bond, rendering both more stable, with their growth enhanced.

Thus, the infinite intelligence leads them to follow the principle of, “This far and no further!”

Does it ring familiar?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Of Bond, Bonding and Binding: A Chemical-Psychological-Philosophical Take, Part 2

Part #2

The entire creation is thriving with inherent intelligence, thus arises inventions in the wake of the perceived necessity. Whatever happens happens, not without a reason. If there is an effect, there has to be a cause, even if invisible. Invisibility is not a proof of nonexistence of proof.

The intelligence, thriving, we bond, with curiosity, curiosity and human beings drawn like a bee is to honey, as a natural phenomenon, and in a resonant moment of our bonding with life all-around, we receive the answers, the reasons, as revelations, insights, many of which go on to become inventions, and many provide explanations to those hitherto thought inexplicable. At times, in ways arcane, yet primal, we are drawn instinctively to them, just as we are drawn to different type of relationships, as we are repelled too, by some!

Life is all about bonding, as is about relationships, with the former responsible for the latter. The resonant ones are loved, as result out of love; while the dissonant are hated, as hatred is basis of these relationships and hatred is the result.

We strive for bonds which gives us a sense of solace, and thus we bond, as bonds, essentially, are meant to provide stability—all arising out of the said intelligence, which knows of the requirements and the ways to its fulfillment. Ask the chemical compounds, how and why they form, and they too would answer the same, only in their case, the essential component involved in the bonding is one of the fundamental particles: Electrons. And in our case, it is the fundamental feeling: love. As we have different type of bonds, with different degrees of strengths, so have chemical compounds (basically these are of three types). Each bond-type is dependent upon the need it fulfills thus, which isn’t possible through any other bonding types.

Though, in the context of the species that we are, organic, only one of these we correspond to, with respect to our bonding and relationships, and when we do respond to in the corresponding manner, in totality, the essence of bonding is realized: resonance, leading to stability, manifesting growth...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Of Bond, Bonding and Binding: A Chemical-Psychological-Philosophical Take

Part #1

Before is begun, what the title suggests (does it suggest, anything, by the way, besides provoking thoughts and raising the eyebrows?!) the person for whom this series (hopefully) gets initiated, must be acknowledged: Taposhi Samanta (Facebook), a brilliant writer, a philosopher, and of course a dear friend. And then, there is another respected friend, Dr. Hari Kumar Parameshwar (Facebook and author of Many Paths, Many Answers), who, too, plays a part in the same: both playing the role of catalysts, in unique ways. 

Thus, gets started something I had been intending to share: the insights that have led to one of my books, a reality for me, but yet to be for the world, on how life, chemistry and psychology are merged, with the common bond of philosophy. The vision, these insights generated, is a desire that all be led to the clarity that this merger leads to, in the context of the bigger picture of life. Hence, the book. And with the same intent, look forward to share, even if in bits and pieces, tidbits from the same, till it becomes an objectified reality. I know not, now, how frequent these postings would be, yet, intentions are true to be frequent. And of course, an interest aroused in you all, would definitely fan the fire of the intention.

So, shall we begin? I hear the voice within, saying, "Yes," and take it as that of the collective, of you all, as we are all a part of the collective, here, to realize, and as we do, share, what we realize, thereby furthering our path, individually, as well as collectively...

Taposhi began a very pertinent discussion, and in resonance with the book, about "bonding" and "binding," and to begin with, as the first part, here is shared the felt-to-be-fit for and as the first part (after all overdoses never help!):

"Chemistry is not only about equations." (True, for those studying the subject, and for those these equations are their personal Waterloos, this declaration might be hard to digest, and fit to be rejected with disdain. But then, we are always at our mercy, to choose, what we choose. So, I would simply like to share my findings...and hope that they would be of help.)

"Chemistry is for all, and life is chemistry (one of the infinite things life is). Chemistry is about bonding, about relationships, as is life. Binding, chemistry, in equations, is confining its universal applicability, as any form of binding in life, too, is detrimental to growth. Bonding is not a binding, but a resonance, allowing growth."

Look forward to your postings, the queries and comments, and to the next post...

Wish you all a very happy bonding with your own selves!

Friday, June 28, 2013

A query and explanations: on "The Essence"

I hereby share a query, evoked in and thus raised by, Sri. Ashok Kumar, on "The Essence," on the website:, and the explanations that have come up in the wake of the same, in case, any of you too have courted this question, and/or might.

Q. Catalyst, as i know, quickens the process without itself being affected. Why is it that the omnipotent catalyst is not quickening the entire process of evolution. Why is it acting on a selective basis? It should have also affected the other living organisms. I am stretching a bit,thanx.

Well sir, I am here with the intention to share and clear the air of confusion—and satiate the query.

I am glad and grateful that you're stretching a bit, as by doing so, we stretch the limits to access the limitlessness within. Your query is very pertinent, and you're right about the catalyst. But then again, truth is relative, is contextual. The answer, as is deemed, that your query invokes, is multi-layered...and is as follows:

(i) Catalysts facilitate a reaction. True. Catalysts remain unchanged. True. Though, actually they are regenerated unchanged at the completion of the reaction, even if they incur changes in between. But the aspect of time: fastens, in physical paradigm, is not the same in the paradigm of our essence. The realm of the essence knows not time, as it is timeless essentially.

(ii) From the level of the essence we are led to the awareness that life knows only one to move: with perfection, perfectly-timed. Why otherwise, for example, "The Essence" got posted when it did, and why are we interacting in the manner we are? All is perfection in motion...everything. Though this, from the physical—the relative—plane of living, is difficult to accept, as only the apparent contradictions then hold our attention.

So, fast or slow, are misnomers, form the level of the essence.

(iii) Each soul has its own agenda. Who are we to decide what is fast and slow? In keeping with the same, and in keeping with the unique expressions of the Source that we are, we have uniquely different ways of fulfilling our agenda. This, the mind, disconnected from the Source, cannot comprehend. It thus perceives the delays and premature events.

(iv) Coming to the bias of the omnipotent catalyst, well, sir, it is not selective. Rather our truths vary, the true expressions, the true calling, though we originate from the same source. So, the processes required differs, to reach the Source and be thus fully realized as our truth of being. Now, catalysts for chemical reactions too are specifically chosen. One catalyst doesn't serve as so for all reactions.

In our case, our truth, "Who I AM," is the omnipotent catalyst. But to make it operate, we need to find it and put it in operation—by accepting it, acknowledging it and surrendering to it, with faith. The Source, whose expressions we are, is unimposing and unconditional. It never forces Its we propose, so it disposes. Hence, the question is not of the omnipotent catalyst not selecting all of us, but our own selves opting to seek, find, accept and adhere to surrendering to it with absolute faith, to trigger it on. 

Life is created as per our choices—conscious or unconscious. It is all about our access our selves, and allow ourselves to enjoy the fullness of our being...enjoy the auto catalysis...of the omnipotent truth of our being...of our essence...

My window to life opened through organic chemistry, which I have been blessed to major in, and teach the same, for close to 9 years, before finally accepting and adhering to my own truth, my true calling: writing and now I am full time into writing and editing of books. And all is God's grace.

I sincerely hope that the explanations reach and touch... And in any case, I am there always, for further queries!

Thanks once again for making me to go within, and find all that has surfaced, and has been transmitted to this space.

With regards,

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Essence...

Beauty of truth—of essence—one, out of innumerable: it surges and overflows, knowing fully well that all have their own unique expressions of truth and definitions too, as all are unique expressions of the Source, Which, infinite that It is, expresses in, as and through infinite forms! 

Truth of essence, as is shared, makes all to go within and find theirs, there. It is such an omnipotent catalyst. 

Sushmita Mukherjee,
June 27, 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

Comment of moment

Each moment is complete in itself—and in completion lies its uniqueness. How otherwise one moment is different from the other? Maybe not at the gross level, yet when we choose to be engrossed in the subtle, we experience the same. Even each and every single breath is a signal different.

So actually, when we deem something incomplete that is from the gross level only. Because we proceed to some new task only when we have completed the previous (or if we are multi-tasking we take many at once, that is a different issue altogether). Though the ones which we term, incomplete, too are either by conscious choice, or unconscious choice—and thus appears perforce. Where it is stopped, the journey is deemed over of the same. What could be and would be is redundant, as are ifs and buts...more so, if we are proponents of “Whatever happens, happens for the best.”

“Old order changeth for new,” is affirmed. But when something new begins does it not imply that it has ‘come’ only because the one that was, is no longer fully complete and saturated? Do we say that though it was incomplete, it gave in to the new order?

Does a moment, even for a moment state, “I am incomplete,” even though its existence is momentary—definition of transience it is, as the moment it is born, it is gone?

When growth stops of some form, it finds another form to grow. Thus keeps transforming moments, informing that life is an infinite garland of infinite moments, where we have landed at one unique moment, as a unique form, and would leave to at one such proceed in another different unique form... 

Sushmita Mukherjee,

March 15, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

Admired, is envied

Can you imagine envy and admiration to be the two sides of the same coin?

Well, I never had inkling that it was so, till I was led to realize that it indeed is so. At least for me, it is—and in no way can it be deemed absolute, as nothing is absolute, in this relative plane of life that we lead. So, we all have our own interpretations, depending on our perceptions…and over time, our own perceptions change, surrounding the same matter. At times we hail it as evolution…and times other, we refer to this change as maturity. Call what we will, but the fact of the matter is changeability is the norm, as well as forte, of life.

Thus, here I am, with my realization that envy and admiration are the two facets of the same face! And even this realization, has added on dimensions—with changes added to it—since the time it was first ‘received’.

But then, only by expressing and explaining ‘how’ one is led to a realization, completes the picture of the realization. Otherwise, simply affirming one’s observation sounds like a declaration absolute.

All realizations result out of experiences varied, and these experiences too change—with it the realizations too undergo ‘editing’. But then what does not?! Though yes, when the realization strikes, it catches one unawares. It comes as an insight, and when it does, the feelings that are evoked are inexplicable…as all feelings are. Yet, it is the genius of Wordsworth that he could capture the inexplicable, and express it so wondrously, as he has done, through the immortal lines: “The flash upon the inward eye, which is the bliss of solitude”, in his very famous work, “The Daffodils”. Indeed, these realizations do strike as flashes—on and seen, through the inner eye—unbeknownst to us.

Gradually the essence of the realization evolves…

The same has happened in the context of envy and admiration…
The trigger

It all began with: “Neighbor’s envy, owner’s pride”, the tagline synonymous with Onida TV. Years ago, still a kid, when I first saw the advertisement, I simply hated it. Over the years, the feelings for the same have undergone changes though. No longer is it hated, because now I know it is the creative expression of the person, whose it is. And as each being is unique, so unique would be one’s creations too. As one perceives so one creates.

Opinions might differ—and that they do, more often than not. We might not agree to some or many—as the fact is, as we perceive, so we receive and conceive…and thus we express. Hence, the response to the same differs for different people—and likewise the expression too does. Thus, the philosophy behind “Neighbor’s envy, owner’s pride”, though doesn’t share a place of pride in my consciousness, it is acknowledged as much as the creative expressions of a being, as much as it is thanked for leading me to the realizations and revelations it has.

When I first saw the advertisement as a kid, the visual effect had been nauseating. It was repulsive. I simply couldn’t agree, and thus accept it—and this manifested as my dislike for the same. And even later the dislike could not be converted to a liking for the same.

Though later, it has become more of a disagreement than dislike, transcending the visual impact. The disagreement is with the inherent philosophy of the advertisement.

The disagreement

Primarily, it ‘reaches’ me as an approach which looks to encash the negative emotions. The higher is envy-quotient, higher should be the sale-ability of what the advertisement came up to sell.

Envy is a trait which could hardly be called positive, and pride if not tempered, tampers with one’s life. And all of it is the doings of the ego. We are mistakenly consumed by ego, which we term as self-respect—many a times—as life’s thin line of demarcations are really thinner than the thinnest. It is all about following, “This far and no farther.”

Ego is felt by many as essential, but till it stays within the limits of self-respect. But to still the ego, the mind has to be stilled. It is a task, none would find enviable, and when accomplished one would not even take pride in it, as by then one would have realized that pride too is a dressage of ego!

Hence, the proud use of ‘pride’ and ‘envy’ was not acceptable to me. Little did I understand then about ‘catch lines and phrases’, which, I do now. Now the tagline is accepted, as a point of view of an individual—with every right to one’s views. But it is not the view that is accepted.

I abide by my feelings! I can’t envy anybody’s pride! And I can’t take pride in this act of not envying, as well!

The link

My esteemed readers might be wondering as to where I am wandering with these two words, and what significance does my views about an advertisement carry. But rest assured, wherever we (yes, you too, as you are reading these words!) are wandering, we are, without any envy or pride. 

But definitely with admiration for the philosophy that is unveiled to me, through the philosophy which is not even in sync with me—that of the advertisement. I admire the creativity of a creative being, through whose pen (though nowadays it is through the strokes on the keyboard!) it resulted—and made me go deep within and realize why I do not agree with, what I do not. The reason has to be there—otherwise it would be a biased view. And disagreeing doesn’t mean one has to be disagreeable. Rather now I am thankful to the advertisement, which as a kid I hated! After all, whatever happens happens with a reason behind its happening—apparent or not.

It led me to access what I could, as it led me to the fact that we end up envying what we admire…though the reverse is not true. The link between envy and admiration was thus presented to me—and I could simply accept it with gratitude, and of course, admiration. How things are right in front of our eyes, and how we see them only when we focus and refocus our vision...

And once we realize, what we realize, it all seems so very obvious, forcing us to ask ourselves, “Why didn’t I see/think the same before?”

The same is felt when the link between envy and admiration is revealed, as ‘received’. It seems so obvious now, as it is thus unveiled. Is it not true, that we usually wish to possess those qualities and things which we admire, yet others have it and we don’t? And then, when we fail to, the failure leads (or misleads?) to envy, towards the person and the possessions—material and non-material, the capabilities.

Only that which we admire, and hence like, we wish to ‘have’, and when it is a ‘have-not’, admiration is not—having swiftly given way to envy. It is just a matter of flipping the coin…over to the side that is envy.

The response

Thus, that which is admired ends up being envied. No wonder then that generally the admirable qualities are those which are rendered enviable as well.

It is more of a habitual response that we come up with. Yet can we not change it? We surely can—shift in the perspective is ‘all’ that is required. Though yes, this ‘all’ that is required is a task ‘tall’, as it requires us to come out of the deep folds of habit—and its associated comfort zone. But yes, the task it ‘not at all’ impossible—and on its attainment, it is an achievement admirable.

That which is admirable, remains admirable—it need not be enviable. As the moment it is received as enviable our plight becomes pitiable, for which none, but we ourselves are responsible. A neighbor doesn’t need to envy…and the owner is not required to take pride in owning what the neighbor envies. The choice is the owner’s, as well as that of the neighbor. One can become green with envy, and one could inflate oneself with pride—yet in both cases, ultimately, one finds oneself deflated in life.

Envy and admiration are not next door neighbors. They are residents of the same house. It is up to us, ‘who’ we call upon, and forth. Though admirable is enviable, it is not at all advisable—to envy what we admire, in case we do not ‘have’ what we admire. It contaminates the admiration.

How about acknowledging that which is admirable, as commendable instead? In fact, admiring the admirable, without any envy, is in itself admirable. So, which side of the coin would we choose: envy or admiration? To ‘win over’ life, we know which side to side with. Do we not?

Sushmita Mukherjee,
January 13, 2013

P.S. An evolved version of a blog, written three years ago, “Admirable is Enviable”.