Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Of Bond, Bonding and Binding: A Chemical-Psychological-Philosophical Take

Part #1

Before is begun, what the title suggests (does it suggest, anything, by the way, besides provoking thoughts and raising the eyebrows?!) the person for whom this series (hopefully) gets initiated, must be acknowledged: Taposhi Samanta (Facebook), a brilliant writer, a philosopher, and of course a dear friend. And then, there is another respected friend, Dr. Hari Kumar Parameshwar (Facebook and author of Many Paths, Many Answers), who, too, plays a part in the same: both playing the role of catalysts, in unique ways. 

Thus, gets started something I had been intending to share: the insights that have led to one of my books, a reality for me, but yet to be for the world, on how life, chemistry and psychology are merged, with the common bond of philosophy. The vision, these insights generated, is a desire that all be led to the clarity that this merger leads to, in the context of the bigger picture of life. Hence, the book. And with the same intent, look forward to share, even if in bits and pieces, tidbits from the same, till it becomes an objectified reality. I know not, now, how frequent these postings would be, yet, intentions are true to be frequent. And of course, an interest aroused in you all, would definitely fan the fire of the intention.

So, shall we begin? I hear the voice within, saying, "Yes," and take it as that of the collective, of you all, as we are all a part of the collective, here, to realize, and as we do, share, what we realize, thereby furthering our path, individually, as well as collectively...

Taposhi began a very pertinent discussion, and in resonance with the book, about "bonding" and "binding," and to begin with, as the first part, here is shared the felt-to-be-fit for and as the first part (after all overdoses never help!):

"Chemistry is not only about equations." (True, for those studying the subject, and for those these equations are their personal Waterloos, this declaration might be hard to digest, and fit to be rejected with disdain. But then, we are always at our mercy, to choose, what we choose. So, I would simply like to share my findings...and hope that they would be of help.)

"Chemistry is for all, and life is chemistry (one of the infinite things life is). Chemistry is about bonding, about relationships, as is life. Binding, chemistry, in equations, is confining its universal applicability, as any form of binding in life, too, is detrimental to growth. Bonding is not a binding, but a resonance, allowing growth."

Look forward to your postings, the queries and comments, and to the next post...

Wish you all a very happy bonding with your own selves!