Thursday, September 19, 2013

Of Bond, Bonding and Binding: A Chemical-Psychological-Philosophical Take, Part 2

Part #2

The entire creation is thriving with inherent intelligence, thus arises inventions in the wake of the perceived necessity. Whatever happens happens, not without a reason. If there is an effect, there has to be a cause, even if invisible. Invisibility is not a proof of nonexistence of proof.

The intelligence, thriving, we bond, with curiosity, curiosity and human beings drawn like a bee is to honey, as a natural phenomenon, and in a resonant moment of our bonding with life all-around, we receive the answers, the reasons, as revelations, insights, many of which go on to become inventions, and many provide explanations to those hitherto thought inexplicable. At times, in ways arcane, yet primal, we are drawn instinctively to them, just as we are drawn to different type of relationships, as we are repelled too, by some!

Life is all about bonding, as is about relationships, with the former responsible for the latter. The resonant ones are loved, as result out of love; while the dissonant are hated, as hatred is basis of these relationships and hatred is the result.

We strive for bonds which gives us a sense of solace, and thus we bond, as bonds, essentially, are meant to provide stability—all arising out of the said intelligence, which knows of the requirements and the ways to its fulfillment. Ask the chemical compounds, how and why they form, and they too would answer the same, only in their case, the essential component involved in the bonding is one of the fundamental particles: Electrons. And in our case, it is the fundamental feeling: love. As we have different type of bonds, with different degrees of strengths, so have chemical compounds (basically these are of three types). Each bond-type is dependent upon the need it fulfills thus, which isn’t possible through any other bonding types.

Though, in the context of the species that we are, organic, only one of these we correspond to, with respect to our bonding and relationships, and when we do respond to in the corresponding manner, in totality, the essence of bonding is realized: resonance, leading to stability, manifesting growth...