Monday, September 23, 2013

Of Bond, Bonding and Binding: A Chemical-Psychological-Philosophical Take, Part 3

Of Bond, Bonding and Binding: A Chemical-Psychological-Philosophical Take

Part #3

Coming to this part, we come to that part which forms the crux of our life and living: We are never apart from beings and things, from our surroundings. Whether we bond consciously or not, does not change this fact. Though, yes, conscious and resonant ones, makes us thrive, drive towards soaring heights, while the dissonant ones drive us mad, make us strive to break away from the bonding, experiencing the same as binding.

Yet, all is a part of the grand designing of life: even the dissonant ones are in consonance with the purpose of life, as through them, too, we are led to realize where we stand, and why we stand where we stand, as understanding of selves improve. The very purpose of bonding and relationships, is so, as ultimate is the destination of self-realization.

Bonding is for stability, and in its absence, the bond breaks, as breaking-up leads to stability. What we share, grows, and with it, grow, we too. But, whether we grow or shrivel (growth of the negative) is determined by that “what” which we share. If it is love, which is always accompanied by its natural allies—faith, understanding, respect, gratitude—then its love’s pinnacle that is realized, causing us to realize the fullness of our being, growing incessantly, infinitely, the bliss experienced, manifesting stability, and spreading the same, all-around.

As the energy forms we are, the aura of our being, is propagated through our being.

Thus, when we share hatred, it is just the opposite that is manifested. The strife, that we strive to survive, is what thrives, as that is what we create through our sharing of hatred which grows to destructive proportions.

Natural order always comes into effect and the bond breaks, at least at the gross level, with the fundamental emotion—love—un-realized.

It is all about sharing, and that is what the organic compounds follow, with, in their case, the bonding element being the fundamental particle, electron. And there is beauty inherent: They come close to overlap, yet, till an optimum distance, which leads to the maximum level of bonding. Beyond this distance, the attractive forces that bind (in a bonding which is not a binding), are overpowered by the repulsive forces, and the bond breaks, to honor the individual stabilities of the bonding components, which is then found to be more, than in the bonded state. The space required to be bridged, and come close for bonding, is bridged, while the space required to be given, to honor the individuality of one another, too, is, leading to the spectacle of stability of the bond, rendering both more stable, with their growth enhanced.

Thus, the infinite intelligence leads them to follow the principle of, “This far and no further!”

Does it ring familiar?