Friday, September 27, 2013

Incorporation of "NOTA" option in EVMs

Supreme Court's ruling, upholding to the fullest one of the fundamental rights, "right to vote," by incorporating the option, NOTA (none of the above), and instructing the incorporation of the same in the EVMs,  allowing the use of Rule 49-O, is truly revolutionary, in times evolutionary. It honors "the right to exercise the 'right to vote' in the right manner by choosing none of the candidates vying to represent them, if they are unacceptable (to the people whom they intend to represent)," for reasons significant enough for the people to so decide, is a huge ruling in favor of the comprehensive purview of democracy, honoring democracy. 

As news of this ruling is read, resonance is experienced with the blog, "Right of Right," posted here and on Facebook, on May 18, 2009, wherein this suggestion was made, after the insight was received in the wake of the experience that called out from within for such an option, so that despondence of the people, doesn't lead to indifference, causing them to abstain from exercising their voting rights, all, because the candidates are not amenable to them. 

Why should the "right" be thus misused: either by being unused, or used, but misused, by opting for a candidate having no other option, voting, simply for the sake of voting and exercising the "right?" Such a "right" is not a "right," but an imposition.

It is heartening to note, once again, that evolution, truly, is all-pervasive, and no system can be above and beyond evolution, as the system of life is divine and ensures that there comes a point in the eternal cycle of life, when the surge of mass, for truth, upstages everything else. The divine order can never be suppressed nor bettered. 

Through it all, all stand to gain, as this ruling marks, what rules, without ruling: the divine order, the truth of life.