Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Now, it is the e-magazine, Spiritual Lounge!

Yes, with gratitude and glee, and with many more feelings yearning to flee, share the December  2014 issue of the e-magazine, Spiritual Lounge, blessed to be a part of, since December 2011. And though this issue is the last issue of the magazine, the website continues to be, inviting contributions from all, as the journey real, the inner journey, for one and all, continues....
Also, acknowledge, forever, the fact and the grace: That, it is the first magazine that accepted and presented the opportunity to share the "presentations from within..."  
So, lounge, while you go through the magazine——as the inner journey, realizing the purpose and thus, the process, guides also to realize that life is a spiritual lounge, presenting the opportunities to create and re-create (as Conversations with God series by Neale Donald Walsch conveys...) one's own self, re-defining and refining, realizing the spiritual self, the divine self...the unique expression of the Divine, created to express and be just that...That It and as one...guiding one and all, always and all the way....
December, 2014

Present, in present

Present to the moment, present in the moment, absent is the presence in the past, propelled by enlivening events and moments, that as experiences last, not as a binding but as a propellant, letting go of the past, living in the present, enriched by that which has passed, and that, which, one has surpassed....

(Acknowledged is a sharing by "Spirituality Fountain," on Facebook, a nugget of wisdom, Eckhart Tolle's, which serves as a catalyst for the presented.)

December 31, 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

Raising a toast...

To provoke or invoke (depends on how one sees it, all contextual and perceptual) a query, is to invoke and incite an insight, an answer, which we know not we know, till we sight them as an insight (inside, and thus, named!), when entering into the explanation that a query beseeches.... And as comes up the sighted and is cited, realized is, again and again, anything and everything comes up in infinite ways, and could it be otherwise, when at source, every thing and being is infinite, the Source of all, one and infinite?

Being a host to this post, is yes...attributed to a query raised, as it is that that contributes to this post, that coasted along and out, as a comment (a part shared here, though all contextual, yet, the part, standalone, too). In response to the post “Deconstructing Edifice...” a being, not getting the response from within, not understanding, graciously put forth the query as to what it alludes so, as only thus deluded, would she be able to follow it. I am thankful to her for the same, and for all, that has flowed and follows in its wake.... The explanation unfurled...that, if  the rituals, tenets that she follows, present her with the sense of knowingness of being connected to God (the whole purpose of following those principles being that), presenting her with those sparks, the moments of absolute clarity...of the reality—however transient are those moments, the experience and the feelings are persistent, inciting more and more of such moments—that she is one with God, those principles are working for her, and thus, are true for her, but if they are not, they are not true for her.

And then, is unwrapped (unbeknownst), with sublime fluidity, that which comes about as the signpost, the crux of this post, raising a toast to all that is, God...our very thus, the reiteration eternal that unconditional love is God, that sublime feeling of requiring none and nothing else, external to one, and that, created are each and everyone, with love, by God, as God-incarnate, to realize God. Realizing unconditional love, immersing in a state of being, of absolute knowingness, is experiencing God, and thus, one’s God-self.

Here is that toast (that part of the reply), though, it came out as queries (yes, again!), to the one who put forth the initiating query:

“A simple and fundamental question: Can anyone decide for us, how we would love a person (irrespective of the domain of the relationship), and what would be the experience? When you put in a ‘should’—that, love should be experienced and expressed in only such and such ways—and try to follow it, only pain is experienced, as innately, we can feel the truth of love...and thus, what feels true, and what doesn't. Likewise, for experiencing the connectedness with God.... When a rule is set, the stage is set for allowing all, but that.... Just ponder, what is that activity that presents you with unparalleled satisfaction, a feeling of immersion in the activity, seeking nothing and none? You surely have such an activity. So, please embrace it more and more, and then, you would be led to yourself...your oneness with God, and then, you will realize what stands true for you, and what doesn't. For one, you could begin to have your own journal...that is, if you already aren't into journaling....”

And, on this note, I leave you all to ponder, on the same, as when the same is answered, nothing remains the same—satisfyingly overhauled, all is. After all, it is about deconstructing those edifices, that defy and deny life, at the core...the issue core, that, unanswered, has been corroding life and times till there is nothing more to corrode and erode and erase, save that, which has been behind the corrosion. The unconditional is realized by coming out of the conditional inputs....

Thus, is raised a toast, to love...God...that erases the erosive, dissolves the corrosive, healing all with Its unconditional love—all-pervasive, all-accepting—none deemed abusive, all hailed as one of Its own, on a journey of realization, to and through which It guides, all the way. That is Its eternal, unwavering word...that is the purpose of life in physical form, which, It facilitates through the process of life...all the way!

So here is to our essence of being, love, God, for which, all that there is, is...!


December 29, 2014

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sharing the e-magazine imantra

Grateful to be a part of the 8th issue of the e-magazine imantra, and sharing, likewise, the links: and

The website and the magazine—in fact, all the 8 issues—behold and uphold the magnanimity of life, and how imantra's mission and vision is merged with mantra of life, and endeavors to lead all to same. Once, that is known, nothing remains the same, wonderfully overhauled as all is, transformed, as one is, inside out, journeying within to journey without, finding one's core, and allowing it to come to the fore, as, being the core, lies at the core, as the principle principal of living a fulfilling life, as that is the purpose sole, living as the soul, the core, realized, oneness with the Source realized.... And this, inevitably, sends out healing, in myriad ways, from within to without, life, individual as well as collective, all, a part of the whole, and whole in one's own self....

Friday, December 19, 2014

Deconstructing edifice...

What a respite, deconstructing the edifice of the conditioned mind, provides, despite the concomitant jarring and rubbles that one has to wade through. As the realities, of being, the truth of one’s being, the existence behind existence, eternal, are experienced, the subjective is seen through, the objective truths leading to and through one’s objective, purpose of and in life. Then, one’s own experiences suffice, and solely resorted to, instead of consorting with what the “described” and “prescribed” experiences should be, chipping of, gradually but assuredly—reluctantly to begin with, but then, spontaneously—the momentum picking up by the moment, the edifice of norms and conventions that bind the experiences as “normal” and “abnormal,” “right” and blasphemous... Blasted are those edifices, and it is a blasting that is calming, the hammering, of the inner voice, feeling the truth of feelings, heard and adhered....

A state of ecstasy, even if momentary, watering the eyes spontaneously, and at the same time, glistening with joy, the droplets of tears let out, drop as pearls of bliss...face alight with an ear-to-ear smile, a warmth filling all cells of being, and overflowing...all, experienced...the contrasting expressions, all at once, is that ultimate truth of connection, with one’s Source of being...Its love.... A moment of such experience dissolves all torments, in a moment.... So what, if the activity that brought it on is not something which is documented...that, which doesn’t belong to the "normal" definition of prayer or the prescribed rituals? It could be anything; even a light breeze caressing the cheeks, could provide the sublime feeling of emancipation and completion, feeling one’s completion within, the whole that one is....

How, one would connect with the Source, how should one love...are the primal urgencies, yearning intrinsic, and they find themselves bound in many principles, yet, the Source and love, one, unconditional love, is boundless.... And thus, the sole aspect, that guides the whole of life and living, as there is nothing else, It being all that there is. And in trying to guide one to one’s existence, the existential truth, one’s very being, through external means, meaning of being and divine, accessed is anything but that. The edifices that have been constructed, eons back—and for which, humanity has been serving as peons, mindlessly—have sufficiently and efficiently, constructed confusions unbound, albeit, ignorantly, and not a bit of it, but with an immensity that finds the perplexity of humanity at its zenith, and likewise manifestations....

Creating edifices, and choking the natural expressions of the Divine, our very essence, binding it in labels, at various levels, no wonder, would create disabilities, and that it has, and quite successfully. And yet, it is the magnanimity of the force, that, untiring, blasts through, judging none, claiming nothing, simply affirming, gently, all has been due to ignorance, and time is now, like never before, to bring about this holy deconstruction of all edifices that have been blocking the flow of life, from within to without, creating fibrillations of discord instead of the reverberations of harmony for which creation got created.... Like never before, humanity is being called out to connect with the reality of being human...depending wholly and solely on one’s holy self, whole...wholesome...and see the same holiness in all, which is possible, only when all dogmas...conventions...these walls are deconstructed, reconstructing life in and as its full holiness, each moment holy...each breath a a pilgrimage of realizing one’s divinity, individually, and facilitating the same collectively...a thanksgiving....

Yes...difficult it is to come out of those constructs, edifices of eons...perceiving them to have been functional.... Yet, at the core, any construct, that perceives and propagates a separation between the self and the Source, builds a wall, has to be brought down, to bring oneself to life, fully, truly.... Such a construct, which bears the seed destructive, creating an impression of separation from God, and thus inflicting depression, calls for destruction, deconstruction...for the resurrection...and such a situation, thus, arises, bringing down all the edifices in the mind, a revolt within, manifesting as one without, and hence, revolutions....

Standing on the precipice, finding the edifices of eons bringing down the whole of creation into pieces, departing from the bliss, peace with which creation intrinsically is encoded, as individuals start decoding the same, accessing the master key, self-awareness, evolution constant, as self-referral is constantly on, everything starts falling into its place, by felling all that which blocks the place. Hence, evolution, revolutionary intrinsically, brings down the edifices that threaten to bring down the boundless edifice of life, deconstructing the edifice superficial....  

When something crumbles, tumbles and fumbles, accompanies the rumble. But, instead of grumble as the response, it is better to know why happens, what happens, so that it won’t happen again—if we do not wish it to happen. As the process of life humbles, it guides to stand up and tall, the armor of self-awareness impenetrable, knowing, that which isn’t functional, has to give way, even if that way is initially experienced as jarring, as follows the healing comprehensive. Well, standing on the precipice, life leads, from within to without, to this recipe sole, deconstructing to reconstruct...for realizing the whole, wholesome, holy that life is, beginning with self...whole in itself, and a part unique of the whole...of creation, resurrected, realized!

December 19, 2014

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Racism, what is, and what is not?

Yes, this question knocks, and knocks very hard, on the doors of consciousness, even as those labeled “racists” are knocked hard and down, with and by rejection, racism, unacceptable, under any and all circumstances. And the word that provokes and invokes the question and insight: “Race.”

On one hand, race implies a competition, of any sort, and on the other, “race,” stands for the human classification, based on various parameters: anatomical, geographical, ethnic, cultural, linguistic, religious, and / or social affiliation (Wikipedia). And there is found and felt an uncanny link between these two “hands”—as if, shaking of the hands, strengthens the stand, of both.

True, racism is held and felled, for the discrimination, atrocious, based on the color of the skin, carrying out the atrocities—propagated by the “race,” collectively called humanity, and which hails itself as “the” intelligent creation of creation. Yet, the very act, of profiling, on the basis of pigmentation is a mark, indentation of ignorance of the intelligent “race” called humans—the very race, which is called out, implored: “Be human.”

True it also is that, there is no harm in classifying and categorizing, but, what, if the classification is integral to claiming supremacy of one over the other? And it is so, even classifying one’s God, superior to That of the other, proclaiming It as the “most powerful”—and in trying to impose one’s notion, the imposition breaches all integrity of humanity. And this is no classified information.

Science teaches that classification makes the study systematic and so, it indeed is. But, when that classification is used (abused and misused?) for redemption—and of what, that, too, we do not know—what purpose does it serve? Yes, the hands matter that handle the tools....

We indict racism, a specific type of racism, “chromatic racism,” that which is based on color. Yet, racism of all sorts, we indulge in... Yes...indulge...and even in the “chromatic racism,” and thus, thrives the cosmetic means to become fair when nature is considered unfair for not having made one fair. Then, there is that criterion (in many parts of the world, still) for the prospective bride / groom: Wanted, fair-complexioned...! Well...well...the indulgence of ignorance, runs, unbound, in a race, that is perceived to be life on the physical plane, the nomenclature of “races” presenting the lineup for the race. Thus, we conjure the race and injure ourselves, in a race to injure the other “race.”

We do not see ourselves as one “race,” “humanity,” as we do not see ourselves as the formless essence in form, our source one. Thus, every time we speak out against anyone and refer to as a “race” (which could be even a generalization of trait), we are courting and quoting racism. It is a race we have pushed ourselves into, unwittingly. Yet, we are empowered to pull ourselves out of this race, willingly, embracing each and all as a part, unique, of creation, beauty lying in the diversity, bracing for a life wherein our decisions are independent of the external parameters, independent of all generalizations and precedence....

When the “ism” of life and living is dependent on the generalizations and perceptions based on a “race,” it is a race and 180 degrees departure from the “ism” of life: oneness. Lost in the race of “races,” the grace, that life is, is lost, till is regained, as we trace our roots, charting various routes, though direction, in each case, same: inward.

So, the question haunts and taunts: Racism, what is, and what is not?  

November 13, 2014

Note: Thanked is Taposhi Samanta for sharing (on Facebook) Jiddu Krishnamurti’s definition of what is violence. The insight, which was brewing, has been thus filtered, catalyzed by the resonance.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chase of Choices by Dr Hari Parameshwar: An immensely thought-provoking and insight-invoking book

“Nothing ends in life forever. Every end leads to one or more new beginnings. It is a new opportunity: To try out new things, to perform new experiments. It is a rolling wheel, like Buddha’s wheel of dharma, with its eight spokes representing: Right insight, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right efforts, right mindfulness and right meditation. It is a continuum, revolving continuously , without an end. As the wheel of life rolls we experience new experiences, only to return to where we began. But by then, we are different, with the accumulation of new knowledge and experiences within. Nothing ends... And nothing is forever! We just experience... Life is nothing but a process of continuous rolling, of learning and experiencing the occurrences.”

The thoughts provoked, insights invoked by Chase of Choices invokes the opening of this post with the message, the last “message” that the book forwards…and quite aptly…

This is the last one, of the forty-six universal laws (as is mentioned on the back cover page), that Chase of Choices so brilliantly conveys, as is weaved a story captivatingly, chronicling a moving journey of the protagonist, in search of that elixir, of emotional stability, an unconditional relationship... And as it thus moves, brought forth is, how, the mind keeps moving, winding and meandering through the complexities, created by the conditioned thinking of the mind, a conditioning deep, and going even deeper than the conscious mind, embedded in the subconscious. The yearning continues, and thus continues the chase...

Yes, it is a fiction, but no fiction is without a basis in non-fiction. Through the fiction, the non-fiction, the reality of our emotions are expressed beautifully.

When there is smoke, fire is there, whether perceptible or otherwise. If  there is an effect, there  is a cause. Everything, that is manifest, would not have been, had there not been the unmanifest. The emotions, presented, through and in the context of the story, the upheavals, the conflicts, the betrayals...and yes, of love, either all, or a few or even one of them, we, in our journey of and through this physical sojourn that we call life, experience, at some point or the other, in one way or the other. It is a part of this journey, in human form, to realize the spirit in form that we are. This, the book brings out in the spirit of our reality, the spirit in form that we are!

Chase of Choices, thus, though, a fiction, is manifestation of the frictions that we experience, the sparks that fly; some, burn us and some, make us warm and light, causing us to soar, triggering a flight for the soul, the spirit, as the mind gets rid of the dampness, the inhibitions, the prior limiting conditioning...allowing the spark to spark, connect with the wisdom that lies within....

As one moves through the forty-six chapters, each a part of the continuum, a part of a gripping, pulsating, and at the same time, at times, poignant, too, tale, one finds the author to have come up with these forty-six nuggets, the universal laws—which, though, a part of the continuum, summing up the chapters, are “standalones” in their own right. Besides being a brilliantly scripted script, in entirety, with a distinctive style and clarity, these forty-six messages are definitely the salient features, adding immense dimension to the story, giving it an added edge, and yes, definitely the aspect, especially to look forward to—a huge icing, on the cake that this book is.
The book brings to light, through the tale it tells—with which many can associate—how, life presents to us infinite choices, and how, depending on the perception…the perspective, depending on the level of awareness, these choices are embraced, consciously or otherwise…. As is the awareness, so is the manifestation, and thus, the effects seen on us, felt by us, is caused by the cause, that, too, us, as we respond to the external. A fiction, it is, but, as it expresses the choices made…the emotions presented, are always our experiences made manifest, in subtle ways. And thus presents the book, these messages, the forty-six universal laws, as forty-six messages through as many chapters, crisp and gripping, the messages encasing the reasons behind slipping and the formulae for getting up, as well!

And another interesting aspect that is brought to light, in a subtle way, with much clarity, is the reality: As we chase the choices, and choose while chasing, that, which we truly seek, remains elusive. Yet, when chased they are not, they, chase and present in such a way to the consciousness that it is the wisdom within that chooses, free from clouds of confusions, mind detached from the prior conditioning, and all illusory, including the societal norms, the strings that try to inhibit and cloud the decision-making. 

Chase of Choices brings to the fore, thus, free will, gently… It is a Pandora’s Box of emotions, neatly arranged and deftly opened by the author….

The thoughts, provoked, insights invoked, by Chase of Choices, finds this post opening with the message, the last “message” that the book forwards…and quite aptly…. Yes… Nothing ends in life forever. And again, nothing is forever! All is contextual…and thus, the “nothing,” too, is so…. The essence is forever, yet, the “material,” isn’t. The material plane is a plane to realize the real, the ethereal…the eternal…infinite….

Thus, in a life, endless, as life goes on forever, merely changing forms, the choices, too, are endless. To end the endless chase, operating from and as the “base,” the essence, that we are, shows the way. When we realize the essence of being, operate from the level of awareness of the essence that we are, the chase, of endless choices, ceases, as we ease into our own being, at peace with the choices made, looking at them in a new light, with the light within lighting the path of life. It is—as the quoted passage, message, at the outset, notes—about a journey, from the origin to the origin, life, an eternal cycle….

Chase of Choices is a unique presentation, reading which, definitely a choice, but not a chase, and definitely worth embracing….  It is a novel, novel!

October 22, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

Simply, simplicity to simplicity, through complexities!

Simplicity is difficult to comprehend and hence, complexities are born, borne and propagated.  "It is too good to be true," if that is the belief, disbelieving one’s experiences of the pristine purity and simplicity of the magnanimity, unconditional, of the Source of all, this is what would be the creation. The day, en masse, is realized that we are one, appearing differently, as different and unique energy manifestations of the same universal energy of creation, we would realize that inherent connected-ness...and thus, the collective that we are leading, individually as well as collectively.... Yet, for that to happen, ultimate and primary is self-acceptance, unconditional...self-knowledge, the sole essential knowledge, beholding the answers to everything, forwarding the journey of self-realization, the purpose sole of life on Earth.

Everything begins at home, within.... One who judges not self, judges not others, too, finding the uniqueness, as in self, so in parts of the unique branches of the same infinite tree...actualizing the Native American proverb: "No tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves."  Yet, life, life-affirming always, purpose, self-realization, the process leads to and through the same, inevitably...and unavoidably! Again, it is the same magnanimity, constant and unconditional, that, ultimately, guides one and all, to self-realization, God-realization, and thus, eases all perturbations, as judgments cease to be.... The cycle completes its journey, from simplicity to simplicity, through the intervening complexity, which dissolves, through the eternity, dissolving in the irresistible magnanimity of the Source, within...presenting the same, without, too.... And no wonder, revolving and evolving, evolving and revolving, thus, life is realized to be evolutionary, revolutionary immeasurably....

All is sourced from, rooted and routed to, one, and hence, is..... Had it been otherwise, it would have been otherwise.... The beauty of realizing the simplicity in diversity, as unity made manifest,  we are thus not kept away from,  swept off the conditioned thinking, disconnecting from the same, forever, soaring and transcending, accessing the connection with the Source, eternal.... For It we are, and to realize It, we are, and realize, It, we, guided by It, in a journey from simplicity to simplicity through complexities, a journey from the Source to the Source, guided by the Source...the Life Force....

October 13, 2014

Post script: Acknowledged is dear friend, Jyoti Sondhi―and not for the first time―for this posting...the scripting...experiencing the grace, in, as and through the scripting, fulfilling, and its posting, fulfilling, equally. Once again, as she serves as the external catalyst, resonating with the Ultimate, within, the manifested, the post, manifests the very inherent connected-ness, which calls forth what it does, always coherent, sourced to one, being one at source.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Resonance of faith

  • Faith is encouragement.
  • Encouragement inspires, by way of instilling confidence.
  • Confidence incites insights...acts, which aren’t in sight otherwise, plucking from all that is there already, has been always, with the receptivity just ripe for the receipt.
  • Mechanism of faith is multi-faceted:
ü      Activates consciously the natural laws of reciprocity.
ü      Realizes the oneness at source, of all, with the oneness of the Source: one and infinite.
ü      Materialization is of the energy, energized...set into motion.
ü      Faith entrusted in God, the Source—our very essence and not anything or anyone separate from us—the universal and essential energy, the life force, and surrendered to It, with self, as an individual, out of the way, allows the uninhibited flow of the real power that is, to manifest, in ways, grander than the grandest and wildest, but not wilder, of imaginations!
ü      Faith entrusted in a being, too, is so. But, from the physical perspective, if one has to explain, then it could be explained as: When a being is trusted, a being is encouraged...a being is led to redeem oneself...even beyond one’s own esteem of self...and knowingly or unknowingly, accesses and utilizes the life force that courses through.
  • In whichever way we explain, ultimate is, the resonance, that, it facilitates, facilitating the manifestation.

Life is resonance, conscious or unconscious, made manifest. Even that, which we consider life to be infested with, is the manifestation coherent, a belief or disbelief of the collective. The perceived incoherence, is but an absence of the awareness of the inherent, the essence powerful, that works in us...through us. Critical it is, thus, to be in conscious connection with the essence that we are, to make a sense of life...and for creating conscious creations...impacts. Faith, lived, we leave not traces of discontent on the sands of eternity, as we live with and as the realization, that, the critical mass for manifestation is not dependent on generating it without, but within, and being it—being thus the life force that flows within, and out—the force gathers momentum and mass, and thus, the critical mass is attained, from within to without.

Resonance within, is resonance without.... And with and as faith, as faith in one’s unique self, the conscious resonance with one’s being, leads through the process of manifestation consciously, manifesting consciously....

Life is a matter of faith, as faith matters.... Life is not about ephemeral inheritance but eternal resonance with self.... Life is about realizing the self, facilitated by resonance with self: Resonance, thy name is faith!

August 29, 2014

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Limitation is imitation

Living as an “imitation,”
Life is perceived and received,
As the thus created limitations.
Mired in the thoughts conditioned,
The mind is stalked,
By the stock of inhibition,
Imposing the same as prohibition,
Calling it: Life’s limitations.
Yet, the mind awakened to the soul,
As cognizes and accepts the purpose sole,
Realizes: Limitations are none.
Mind, mindful, seeing through the illusions,
Embracing life’s eternal invitation,
Calls out: Limitations are, but an imitation!

                                                                                                 August 5, 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

Freedom is, from fear

As moments are lived, living in the moment, realized  is more and more the evolving meaning of Rabindranath Tagore's "Where The Mind Is Without Fear." Realized is that freedom is the state of mind's absolute freedom from fear...its freedom from its very own inhibiting and prohibitive cultural indoctrination, its conditioned thinking. Shackles are not external, but internal...a mind fettered with  thoughts regressive, wired to the past that has passed for ever, mired in doubts, courting bouts—intermittent and frequent—of fear: superimposition of the past on the present.  

Realized is that this journey of realization is the journey of liberation, of the mind from the mind, reposing to, immersing and staying immersed, permanently, in the essence of being, inherently free, allowing itself to be guided as the tool that it is, relinquishing the superficial notion of being the doer. As it surrenders itself to the essence, the soul, and thus the Source of being, it ends its superficial reign, handing over its reins, with gratitude and glee, fully free, to the Source. And in such a state of awareness, comes out from within (a manifestation of a resonance, with a sharing by Neale Donald Walsch, on Facebook, on June 20, 2014), from the core:

Where the mind is without fear,
The path is absolutely clear,
As to that one does adhere,
For which one has come here.

Sushmita Mukherjee,

June 20, 2014

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Maya Angelou: Still I Rise....

That she does, as angelic is her presence...her essence....

As her physical form ceases to be, her, "Still I Rise," reverberating in the consciousness, since the time I got the opportunity to read it (thanks to a student-cum-friend, Mahasweta Podder), experiences a rise in the frequency, coursing through with further momentum.

Paradoxically, the news of her "crossing over," as is received, I get to know that which I didn't: I have been sharing the same phase of eternity, in physical form, with her, though, I had thought otherwise. Why, I know not. And that matters not.... The essence never ceases to be...and thus, her presence, as has been felt, will continue to be.

In fact, even in this, her, "Still I Rise" is heard...! Poignant and powerful...inspiring and inviting...affirming and encouraging....

Yes, she will continue to rise through eternity...having indelibly imprinted eternity...though her body is put to rest.... She stands for an indomitable "rising" and her words seem to waft within: "Still I rise...though no longer I am in form called 'Maya Angelou'...and I will continue to, for ever...."

I take this opportunity to thank her, and express my regards and tribute to her, knowing well, the essence connects independent of the form....

The taste that she has imparted...will continue to rise...and linger...and inspire...eternity...through eternity...eternally....

Sushmita Mukherjee,
May 29, 2014

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Invocation of prana, life, and faith

Deifying the divine, the life force, as idols are worshipped, they are, after the ritual (performed by the “qualified,” hailed as the connecting medium) of prana pratishtha, invoking life in the lifeless form. And in cases of festivals where the idol is immersed in water, like Durga Puja, the deity is invoked, again, to leave the form to render it lifeless, and the ritual is of visarjan.

Coming to the one of prana pratishtha, and obviously, all is a matter of faith and not contention, but of utter regard, one faith honoring the other, while it continues to follow its own path, fully, the queries arise:

  • Why an external medium is required to connect to the divine?
  • Is it not because the divine is placed out of us, while found within one realizes that It is that sublime sense of love, Its essence, unconditional love, which only one can feel, and no connector is required for the same? Though, it is also is true that there are many who connect to the external form without needing any connector. Nothing is being generalized, as important is faith, and each one has unique ways and means of connecting, as is acknowledged that the guru within, our essential essence, does come out in a form that one would be receptive to, the form could be animate or inanimate, guiding one to ultimately transcend the forms and find the divine in the everything...every being...Its omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience, realized, as is realized oneness with It, as every manifestation happens within, as all is experiential.
  • Is not deifying the divine, a futile attempt at trying to confine the infinite in the edifice of a form, and limiting Its experience, and that of life? And has not this, also, led to acts deplorable in the name of the divine, as also, claims of one’s ways as the way and one’s God as the most powerful and best?
  • Anyways, acknowledging all as the infinite ways and means of accessing and realizing the life force, the essential energy that we all are in form, albeit, vibrating at different frequencies, still, the query knocks that while idols are worshiped, as prana is perceived in them, as is believed to have been invoked in them, why is it so difficult to invoke the prana that flows through us, the life force? It flows so we are.... It simply has to be believed in and called forth, realized.
  • Is it because it seems too good to be true?
At the end of it all it is all a matter of awareness.... That which we are aware of being and having, with faith in the awareness, that we bring to being...that we invoke, as thus we resonate with the prana that flows in, as and through them, and thus, establish (pratistha) them as realities of our life.

Awareness becomes aware to the query: How do we not take cognizance of the prana that establishes us...for which we are in form, the very form we hold as our real reality?

Sushmita Mukherjee,

April 9, 2014

Friday, April 4, 2014

Life, recycled, eternally....

Life is an eternal cycle, its process thus of eternal recycling, as life is recycled eternally.... A process of eternal conservation of soul it is, moving through eternity, undergoing infinite transformations, so as to realize the infinite essence that it is.... In bodily form, with the unique combination of a unique mind to go with it, when the body goes with the mind, disconnected from the sense of the essence, nothing seems to go right, as we then embody not the soul but the mind. It is a superficial living, spending of life, bereft of the sensitivity and sensibility of the essence, and we complain of being taken for a ride by life. How and what else can it be, when we cycle but the limbs are not our own...when we move yet the direction is not known...when we move yet, know not why we do...when we move chained to the fetters of “shoulds” even though the movement doesn’t feel true?

But life, ever-affirming, its purpose, to lead us to our origin, which is our destination final, keeps cycling, untiringly, the soul transforming, from lifetimes to lifetimes, and presents with recurrent repetitions, as petitions to change our response, evolve them. And it is not only through lifetimes that repetitions appear, but, in, as and through the times of a given lifetime, too—this, an earnest introspection would clearly speak out as, as are retrieved incidents and evolved take on them from the recycle bin of memory, irrespective of how long they have been lounging there. So long we keep repeating the same choices, the ones which are inverse to the essence of life, detrimental to our purpose, life, keeps repeating the representations.... Thus, the cycle of life.... Hence, the repetitions....

As, en masse, humanity is being awakened to the indispensability of recycling, of preserving and conserving the resources, so as to utilize and honor them, to make them available to all, and keep them available for posterity, the process of life, in, as and through human form is a lesson in why and how life is cycled, eternally, and life is thus eternally recycled to realize its fullest potential and purpose, unchained fully, flowing as the essential essence completely.

Sushmita Mukherjee,

April 4, 2014 

Monday, March 17, 2014


We jump to conclusions, jumping at the opportunity to pass judgments, creating many such opportunities, seemingly, out of nowhere, and thus declare, the likes of, as per our liking: “You/he/they... should have done this,” rarely, “I/we should have done this,” and covering up in and as defense, with a lamentation, a resigned statement, stating, “What can I/we do?”

Yet, we shy away from asking: Why do the thoughts of “asking” from others, cross the way of our consciousness? Do we consider selves incapable of doing the same, or do we consider it to be not applicable to and for us? And above all, is it because, we have different sets of rules for self and others?

Ruminating, over these, and introspecting on our lives and times would lead us, inevitably, to the realization: All that dots our lives are the spots that we have created, whether consciously or unconsciously. The truth is spotted, sooner or later...and again, at the right moment, when the awareness is ripe to receive what it receives, and thus it receives.  

When a smile, directed at others, creates a feeling of warmth inside—to cite a simple sighting, experience, instead of extending the observation, though a fact, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world,” a famous observation by Mahatma Gandhi, so as to convey that we get what we give...we create through our being—even before the one towards whom it is directed is impacted, why choose to be a bystander, living life as a standby, putting life on a standby, and then blame all those who happen to pass by, all passers-by reviled...?

Why not ask, self, “What can I do, and who can I be, to change what I wish to change?” Life is a “can” of infinite possibilities, and it is up to us to find out how and what we can extract from the infinite content to change the contents of our life.

Life, is always affirming, manifesting our intent, always, without discriminating the content of the intent...and thus, beckoning us to activate and utilize its natural reciprocity, affirming: “You can do even more than you think you can.... Have that belief and with that belief have the intent to expand the ‘can’ of your ‘can’s’. Instead of asking what others can do, and lamenting that you can’t do anything about it, affirm and be the affirmation: ‘I can and will, do...: effect the change that I wish to will willed to the intent to change, with faith in the operation of life, within and without...knowing, it intends to keep us operational, always, and in-operational, never....”

Life calls out to us, earnestly looking forward to our affirmation: “So be it....”

So be it!

Sushmita Mukherjee,
March 18, 2014

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gift of self-worth

One can take anything from anyone, but, one shouldn't, ever, try to take away or dent the self-worth of anyone. That is the ultimate gift that one can give to anyone...even if by not giving or infusing self-worth in that being.... And of course, if one can infuse it, lead one to one’s self, to the light within, then, it is an icing on the cake. Such a being, thus led, acknowledges that this is one cake that tastes better than the best.

This is made possible by those, who, consciously or unconsciously, are led by their own light within, love within, and thus, spontaneously spread that light, being the “being of light” that one we all are the path of others, showing, where the path is and leads: inwards. 

Sushmita Mukherjee,
March 5, 2014

Note: This is one of the primal messages of Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations with God series, too: "Give people back people to themselves..."

Friday, February 14, 2014

Truth is or isn’t

Truth is not constant, is customized. Our beliefs shape our truth...our belief about our own selves. What is true, for one, doesn’t and cannot, necessarily be true for the other one.

That which “feels” true, rings true, is...and that which doesn’t, isn’t!

Difficult to believe it as a truth? Well, none is being asked to! Simply is shared, another observation,this one, from George Bernard Shaw: “All great truths begin as blasphemies.”

At the same time, the observation, made above, doesn’t claim anything, and definitely not“greatness!” The observation simply is a realization.

Sushmita Mukherjee

February 14, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Do we know our way?

Each one of us has a right to our views. Who are we to seek explanations from others for their beliefs? We aren't here to judge, not even self, but simply be who we are, by knowing who we are. When we know that, we know that we can disagree without being disagreeable. We also acknowledge that more often than not our views, naturally, differ. We are uniquely "wired," within. Our perceptions simply are, neither good nor bad. When, one does something, one does from one's level of perspective, which, when others disagree with, they deem it wrong. We have our reasons behind believing and disbelieving for which neither are we to be hailed nor hauled. 

True, incidents are prevalent which evokes extreme emotions, but then, do we ask, what we are doing and who we are being? Directly, we have control over own selves, and if we do that, that alone would be something. And if one is still intent upon why is someone getting that they are, for doing what they are, simply applying the logic of the mind would never suffice. Like-energy situation creates resonance, and thus happens materialization. Likewise, dissonant condition creates undesirable condition. Whether we agree or not, doesn't change the fact: "As we sow, so we reap." From what level we are sowing—unconscious or subconscious—that is something else, which the conscious mind knows not. Yet, when one is aware of this mechanism, one learns to feed consciously harmonious thoughts, irrespective of what the external says and does, leaning not on the external. The external is our prior projections; future could be consciously created by conscious projection in the present. All said and done, in our life, what we do and who we be, matters...and we have the right, to be, remembering and following, always, for peaceful coexistence, honoring the life of else, as much as we do ours: "Live and let live."   

PS: It is a part of the comment on two comments (by Dipak Chakravarty and Swagata Mazumdar) made on an insight shared, on Facebook, of Neale Donald Walsch's (shared on February 12, 2014; anybody interested can find the entire "thread," on my Facebook profile). Thanks to them. 

Sushmita Mukherjee, 
February 13, 2014

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Commonness about the uncommon

“Common” and “uncommon” are labels, leveled and levied (as is the case!), by our perspectives. Hence, difficult is to agree...difficult to arrive at a common ground, grounded, as we are, in our perspectives, and more importantly, in our minds. The mind, though, finds it is easier to accept as common that which is prevalent, as the mind is not ambivalent in the wake of the prevalence. Rather, the visible and the frequently visible, is what the mind dotes on, knowing not, till it does, that the antidote to all our perceived troubles, lies in going beyond the mind, going beyond that which is visible, going beyond the belief: visibility is the proof of truth.

Yet, it is the ambivalence of the mind that brings this piece into being—or rather, the response to it! It is the mind that cooks and serves the dualities, as it finds difficult to stay hooked to, till it does, to singularity of source.

Still, one wonders, how the mind perceives “uncommonness” in one domain of life as desirable, while, in the other, deplorable.

Wondering what is being alluded to? Hold the wanderings of your mind! Here it is...

When we choose to “have” something—purchase—we, commonly (prevalent-ly), opt for the uncommon—finding beauty in the rarity. At the same time, owning something uncommon gives a smug satisfaction, a star, a symbol of status. Move on to human beings, interactions with the uncommon, and the very uncommonness, become repulsive. The uncommon, that one vies for, in the domain of “things,” when it comes to “beings,” when one interacts with, reacts, perceiving it as queerness, madness, defiance...denying to acknowledge the beauty in the rarity, in this domain! The uncommonness of and in beings, commonly, isn’t looked at as uniqueness, but as a difference that needs to be decimated, that needs to be forced to sing the tune of the common. Lest it change everything? Or, is it because uncommon beings have their own unique voices, and can reply back, while the “commodities,” comply?

Whatever, is the reason, comes into the periphery and centre of vision, this very common treatment, discriminatory, to uncommonness, as changes the domain of its residence.... 

Sushmita Mukherjee,
January 29, 2014