Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chase of Choices by Dr Hari Parameshwar: An immensely thought-provoking and insight-invoking book

“Nothing ends in life forever. Every end leads to one or more new beginnings. It is a new opportunity: To try out new things, to perform new experiments. It is a rolling wheel, like Buddha’s wheel of dharma, with its eight spokes representing: Right insight, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right efforts, right mindfulness and right meditation. It is a continuum, revolving continuously , without an end. As the wheel of life rolls we experience new experiences, only to return to where we began. But by then, we are different, with the accumulation of new knowledge and experiences within. Nothing ends... And nothing is forever! We just experience... Life is nothing but a process of continuous rolling, of learning and experiencing the occurrences.”

The thoughts provoked, insights invoked by Chase of Choices invokes the opening of this post with the message, the last “message” that the book forwards…and quite aptly…

This is the last one, of the forty-six universal laws (as is mentioned on the back cover page), that Chase of Choices so brilliantly conveys, as is weaved a story captivatingly, chronicling a moving journey of the protagonist, in search of that elixir, of emotional stability, an unconditional relationship... And as it thus moves, brought forth is, how, the mind keeps moving, winding and meandering through the complexities, created by the conditioned thinking of the mind, a conditioning deep, and going even deeper than the conscious mind, embedded in the subconscious. The yearning continues, and thus continues the chase...

Yes, it is a fiction, but no fiction is without a basis in non-fiction. Through the fiction, the non-fiction, the reality of our emotions are expressed beautifully.

When there is smoke, fire is there, whether perceptible or otherwise. If  there is an effect, there  is a cause. Everything, that is manifest, would not have been, had there not been the unmanifest. The emotions, presented, through and in the context of the story, the upheavals, the conflicts, the betrayals...and yes, of love, either all, or a few or even one of them, we, in our journey of and through this physical sojourn that we call life, experience, at some point or the other, in one way or the other. It is a part of this journey, in human form, to realize the spirit in form that we are. This, the book brings out in the spirit of our reality, the spirit in form that we are!

Chase of Choices, thus, though, a fiction, is manifestation of the frictions that we experience, the sparks that fly; some, burn us and some, make us warm and light, causing us to soar, triggering a flight for the soul, the spirit, as the mind gets rid of the dampness, the inhibitions, the prior limiting conditioning...allowing the spark to spark, connect with the wisdom that lies within....

As one moves through the forty-six chapters, each a part of the continuum, a part of a gripping, pulsating, and at the same time, at times, poignant, too, tale, one finds the author to have come up with these forty-six nuggets, the universal laws—which, though, a part of the continuum, summing up the chapters, are “standalones” in their own right. Besides being a brilliantly scripted script, in entirety, with a distinctive style and clarity, these forty-six messages are definitely the salient features, adding immense dimension to the story, giving it an added edge, and yes, definitely the aspect, especially to look forward to—a huge icing, on the cake that this book is.
The book brings to light, through the tale it tells—with which many can associate—how, life presents to us infinite choices, and how, depending on the perception…the perspective, depending on the level of awareness, these choices are embraced, consciously or otherwise…. As is the awareness, so is the manifestation, and thus, the effects seen on us, felt by us, is caused by the cause, that, too, us, as we respond to the external. A fiction, it is, but, as it expresses the choices made…the emotions presented, are always our experiences made manifest, in subtle ways. And thus presents the book, these messages, the forty-six universal laws, as forty-six messages through as many chapters, crisp and gripping, the messages encasing the reasons behind slipping and the formulae for getting up, as well!

And another interesting aspect that is brought to light, in a subtle way, with much clarity, is the reality: As we chase the choices, and choose while chasing, that, which we truly seek, remains elusive. Yet, when chased they are not, they, chase and present in such a way to the consciousness that it is the wisdom within that chooses, free from clouds of confusions, mind detached from the prior conditioning, and all illusory, including the societal norms, the strings that try to inhibit and cloud the decision-making. 

Chase of Choices brings to the fore, thus, free will, gently… It is a Pandora’s Box of emotions, neatly arranged and deftly opened by the author….

The thoughts, provoked, insights invoked, by Chase of Choices, finds this post opening with the message, the last “message” that the book forwards…and quite aptly…. Yes… Nothing ends in life forever. And again, nothing is forever! All is contextual…and thus, the “nothing,” too, is so…. The essence is forever, yet, the “material,” isn’t. The material plane is a plane to realize the real, the ethereal…the eternal…infinite….

Thus, in a life, endless, as life goes on forever, merely changing forms, the choices, too, are endless. To end the endless chase, operating from and as the “base,” the essence, that we are, shows the way. When we realize the essence of being, operate from the level of awareness of the essence that we are, the chase, of endless choices, ceases, as we ease into our own being, at peace with the choices made, looking at them in a new light, with the light within lighting the path of life. It is—as the quoted passage, message, at the outset, notes—about a journey, from the origin to the origin, life, an eternal cycle….

Chase of Choices is a unique presentation, reading which, definitely a choice, but not a chase, and definitely worth embracing….  It is a novel, novel!

October 22, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

Simply, simplicity to simplicity, through complexities!

Simplicity is difficult to comprehend and hence, complexities are born, borne and propagated.  "It is too good to be true," if that is the belief, disbelieving one’s experiences of the pristine purity and simplicity of the magnanimity, unconditional, of the Source of all, this is what would be the creation. The day, en masse, is realized that we are one, appearing differently, as different and unique energy manifestations of the same universal energy of creation, we would realize that inherent connected-ness...and thus, the collective that we are leading, individually as well as collectively.... Yet, for that to happen, ultimate and primary is self-acceptance, unconditional...self-knowledge, the sole essential knowledge, beholding the answers to everything, forwarding the journey of self-realization, the purpose sole of life on Earth.

Everything begins at home, within.... One who judges not self, judges not others, too, finding the uniqueness, as in self, so in parts of the unique branches of the same infinite tree...actualizing the Native American proverb: "No tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves."  Yet, life, life-affirming always, purpose, self-realization, the process leads to and through the same, inevitably...and unavoidably! Again, it is the same magnanimity, constant and unconditional, that, ultimately, guides one and all, to self-realization, God-realization, and thus, eases all perturbations, as judgments cease to be.... The cycle completes its journey, from simplicity to simplicity, through the intervening complexity, which dissolves, through the eternity, dissolving in the irresistible magnanimity of the Source, within...presenting the same, without, too.... And no wonder, revolving and evolving, evolving and revolving, thus, life is realized to be evolutionary, revolutionary immeasurably....

All is sourced from, rooted and routed to, one, and hence, is..... Had it been otherwise, it would have been otherwise.... The beauty of realizing the simplicity in diversity, as unity made manifest,  we are thus not kept away from,  swept off the conditioned thinking, disconnecting from the same, forever, soaring and transcending, accessing the connection with the Source, eternal.... For It we are, and to realize It, we are, and realize, It, we, guided by It, in a journey from simplicity to simplicity through complexities, a journey from the Source to the Source, guided by the Source...the Life Force....

October 13, 2014

Post script: Acknowledged is dear friend, Jyoti Sondhi―and not for the first time―for this posting...the scripting...experiencing the grace, in, as and through the scripting, fulfilling, and its posting, fulfilling, equally. Once again, as she serves as the external catalyst, resonating with the Ultimate, within, the manifested, the post, manifests the very inherent connected-ness, which calls forth what it does, always coherent, sourced to one, being one at source.