Monday, October 13, 2014

Simply, simplicity to simplicity, through complexities!

Simplicity is difficult to comprehend and hence, complexities are born, borne and propagated.  "It is too good to be true," if that is the belief, disbelieving one’s experiences of the pristine purity and simplicity of the magnanimity, unconditional, of the Source of all, this is what would be the creation. The day, en masse, is realized that we are one, appearing differently, as different and unique energy manifestations of the same universal energy of creation, we would realize that inherent connected-ness...and thus, the collective that we are leading, individually as well as collectively.... Yet, for that to happen, ultimate and primary is self-acceptance, unconditional...self-knowledge, the sole essential knowledge, beholding the answers to everything, forwarding the journey of self-realization, the purpose sole of life on Earth.

Everything begins at home, within.... One who judges not self, judges not others, too, finding the uniqueness, as in self, so in parts of the unique branches of the same infinite tree...actualizing the Native American proverb: "No tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves."  Yet, life, life-affirming always, purpose, self-realization, the process leads to and through the same, inevitably...and unavoidably! Again, it is the same magnanimity, constant and unconditional, that, ultimately, guides one and all, to self-realization, God-realization, and thus, eases all perturbations, as judgments cease to be.... The cycle completes its journey, from simplicity to simplicity, through the intervening complexity, which dissolves, through the eternity, dissolving in the irresistible magnanimity of the Source, within...presenting the same, without, too.... And no wonder, revolving and evolving, evolving and revolving, thus, life is realized to be evolutionary, revolutionary immeasurably....

All is sourced from, rooted and routed to, one, and hence, is..... Had it been otherwise, it would have been otherwise.... The beauty of realizing the simplicity in diversity, as unity made manifest,  we are thus not kept away from,  swept off the conditioned thinking, disconnecting from the same, forever, soaring and transcending, accessing the connection with the Source, eternal.... For It we are, and to realize It, we are, and realize, It, we, guided by It, in a journey from simplicity to simplicity through complexities, a journey from the Source to the Source, guided by the Source...the Life Force....

October 13, 2014

Post script: Acknowledged is dear friend, Jyoti Sondhi―and not for the first time―for this posting...the scripting...experiencing the grace, in, as and through the scripting, fulfilling, and its posting, fulfilling, equally. Once again, as she serves as the external catalyst, resonating with the Ultimate, within, the manifested, the post, manifests the very inherent connected-ness, which calls forth what it does, always coherent, sourced to one, being one at source.