Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sharing the e-magazine imantra

Grateful to be a part of the 8th issue of the e-magazine imantra, and sharing, likewise, the links: and

The website and the magazine—in fact, all the 8 issues—behold and uphold the magnanimity of life, and how imantra's mission and vision is merged with mantra of life, and endeavors to lead all to same. Once, that is known, nothing remains the same, wonderfully overhauled as all is, transformed, as one is, inside out, journeying within to journey without, finding one's core, and allowing it to come to the fore, as, being the core, lies at the core, as the principle principal of living a fulfilling life, as that is the purpose sole, living as the soul, the core, realized, oneness with the Source realized.... And this, inevitably, sends out healing, in myriad ways, from within to without, life, individual as well as collective, all, a part of the whole, and whole in one's own self....