Monday, December 14, 2015

The space essential

"Space" given, honors the individuality and nurtures the collectivity...the togetherness, realizing the self, and thus, oneness with all...divinity realized, as within so without....

"Let there be spaces in your togetherness, and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love. Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your soul. Sing and dance together but let each one be alone. Stand together yet not too near together, for the pillars of a temple stand apart and the oak tree and cypress grow not in each other's shadow."
~ Kahlil Gibran (in The Prophet)

Acknowledgment: Led to this nugget of wisdom from Kahlil Gibran via the article in "the speaking tree" zone of The Times of India, Kolkata (dated, December 14, 2015), "Vairagya, Doorway To Self-Realisation," by V N Mittal.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Whole and whole, One!

"We are a part of the Whole. At the same time, we are whole in ourselves…because of that: We are a part of the Whole. Just as a drop of an ocean is an ocean in a drop!"


November 28, 2015 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A review of the view presented, and the feelings felt, evoked by Dr Hari Kumar Parameshwar’s The Pillar, Invisible

It is the pillar, invisible, that lends us form and stability…. Unwavering, it is….

It is the invisible that holds the key…as it is the invisible that makes itself known, through its various manifestations…and to render the invisible visible, we are in form—to acknowledge and realize the essentially formless that we are….

And this is what, Dr Hari Kumar Parameshwar, is back again, stating, in his riveting style, in, as and through his third novel: The Pillar, Invisible. Dealing with the subtleties, on the template of the gross, weaving the patterns through the multi-textured plot is his endearing and engrossing  uniqueness, presenting the strong message, yet again, affirming, what we see, without, is because of what all goes on within, in and as our consciousness, its level….

It is all in the mind…and when the mind realizes that it is not all that there is to life, and surrenders to all that actually is, it is healed, and healed is life, fulfilled….

The Pillar, Invisible is the search for that invisible pillar, the fourth pillar, which leads to the melding of the three pillars, the three main characters of the novel. And the search is, because of the disparity, apparent, the stark contrasts, displayed by these three, as also, because of the inexplicable, by conventional logic, the meteoric and sustained rise of the Tasara Group of Companies…

This novel, yet another novel presentation from Dr Hari, the novelty of his creativity and commitment to humanity verily palpable, so compassionately and passionately has presented the characters, the storytelling, as impeccable as it is always, the “cause,” as noble as it is always:  The essentiality of incorporating spirituality in the corporate world. Spirituality liberates one and all from judgmental attitude, and this is what is felt…all through…. Thus, at the end of the novel, none of the characters are found to be impeachable, each a manifestation of a particular guna, trait predominant. Further to it, the symbolism of the names is admired, awe, inspired, when realized…. Melded and welded, well, the balance of the three gunas is harmony, and this is reflected comprehensively by Tasara, wholistic and holistic its essence, approach, functioning and output, contributing comprehensively to the society constructively. It is the brainchild of the three main characters, birthing their “baby,” as they are birthed anew…finding themselves…and the way they are brought together upholds the mystical, surreal manner in which the grand design of life unfurls…in ways grander than the grandest of imagination could conjure, divine synchronicities dotting and bedecking the path…. The events, to begin with, might appear as sore spots, yet, healing cannot be without pain…the gain cannot be realized so long the loss is not felt… Drawn are together, thus, the characters, main, of this saga…the symbolism, inherent, not only in their names but in the very organization they birth—in real sense, well-organized.  It is the manifestation of, “as within so without,” the balance of the three gunas presenting the resultant, which could not have resulted by just one of them. And by doing so, it upholds yet another fact of life, the sojourn—the physical journey in, as and through forms physical—that we call life: It is as collective as individual it is, and to appreciate and realize the eternal, within us all, we are in form, moving through and transcending the ephemeral, while still in bodily form.

Guiding through this search, Dr Hari has gifted a simply breathtaking saga…. The pace, though might leave one breathless, one is never short on breath…asking for more and more, without any pause. It is a poignant and healing page-turner, both at the same time…Dr Hari yet again leaving the mark of his invisible essence, in his now-trademark style, verily visible, touching, and appreciated from the core of being.

The Pillar, Invisible resonates with the truth that the heart knows and mind grows, and then only knows, in sync with the heart, which resonates with the soul: it is the truth of a logic that transcends the conventional, the divine order and its perfection that is in full display, untiringly unfurling and affirming, the visible is because of the invisible eternal.

October 27, 2015

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Revere, not berate...

All is always there, yet, in moments uniquely receptive, received are the hitherto "unseen." Even though the scene remains same, the "seen" is not quite so! This is how the splendors are splashed in the conscious consciousness by the graciousness divine of the Divine...the Infinite. 

So is found to reverberate the word "reverberate" appearing differently, and all so transpires that yet again inspires the divine, magical, mystical synchronicity...: the word file indicates some sort of error, the green-colored underline. Error there is none, and who knew, till known, that the underline underlined the ever underlying affirmation of the Divine: Lies, within, everything...and so is it with the words...beholding much more than is seen.

The reverberation of "reverberate," received, is a calling from within, and to all: "As the calling reverberates, revere and not berate, your very being!"

October 18, 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Answer seeks the question!

Where arises the question, there lies the answer, too…albeit in a different nook, at and as a different level of the same intrinsic consciousness…the individual, a part of the collective consciousness, and all, a part of the universal consciousness, universal as is consciousness. Without the questions, answers do not have any identity, the answers realized as answers, as raises the head, the entity, the questions!

October 17, 2015

Friday, October 16, 2015

Experience the feelings, feeling the experience!

The beauty, the deeply healing, soothing emotions, that are the hallmark of the inexplicable relationships, with beings as well as things—the boundary, between animate and inanimate, dissolved—can be savored and revered, cherished and relished not by trying to understand and explain the “why” but by experiencing wholly the feelings and feeling the experience fully…. So experience the feelings, feeling the experience! 

October 16, 2015

Friday, October 2, 2015

In a grain of rice, wisdom ingrained!

Wisdom is the grain that forms life physical… Wisdom is with what life comes to form physical…. A seed knows how to grow…

Nothing is insignificant, everything, formed of the same infinite intelligence that forms and guides the process of life, with all things and beings integral to it.

This very intelligence, wisdom spoke for itself…yet again, today…

Sitting down, to lunch, with parents, as mom served rice, both me and father exclaimed, with the vibration of revelation, expressed, Eureka-like: The grain of rice looked longer than it had done, prior to the day, and so markedly that it drew our attention…with mom joining in, in the affirmative! And then, the logical mind, calling upon the “left brain,” entailed itself to find the reason…the investigative juices in full flow…and in another Eureka-moment, had it: The container in which it was cooked was bigger than the one usually used for that quantity of rice! Yet, the yet-another Eureka-moment that followed, immediately, found me totally floored and arisen, with the wisdom, arising, overwhelmed with gratitude….

This, the input of the “right brain,” presents the wisdom from the “core”: Space, given, growth is facilitated. The grains of rice, as got more space, got the scope… So akin to our interactions…
In our interactions and relationships, space has to be given, that space of honor, respecting all, even with all apparent differences and disagreements—and even when there are no differences. The excessive concern, as well as the tendency to impose, both, ultimately become overbearing, leading the interaction into a “reaction,” as also, doesn’t allow the growth of the other participant….

As is received the correlation, applauded is the wisdom, inherent in every being and everything—and that, hence, leads to the same, a grain of rice, the wisdom ingrained in it, one with that ingrained within our own selves, as our very being….

The investigative juices are lauded, in the aftermath, as the “passionate curiosity,” as connects with the core…the mind responding to the right brain, and jubilantly, the left and right, march in harmony…. Courted is Einstein, and thus, is quoted, hereby: “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

The wisdom ingrained in the grain of rice, as leads to the essentiality of according space for growth, honoring the oneness and uniqueness, of each and all, both at the same time, so conveys, “Live and let live,” and relays the same, the idiom, “This far and no further,” to experience a life that thrives, instead of heaving heavy sighs.

The wisdom, at the core, finds its way out, one way or the other, just as it does, through this medium, a grain of rice…as wisdom ingrained in the grain of rice!

October 1, 2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Adversary to emissary

In verse with the Tao…consciously one, with the Source of being, we flow with the universe, as within so without, without even knowing how and when the adverse is reversed, re-versed as is life in totality, lived inside-out, re-versing the adverse from an adversary to an emissary, a commissary, facilitating the furtherance of the journey of self-realization, as the apparent is transcended, experiences gleaned from the highest of perspectives, and in addition, in concurrence, the appearances change, too, as a fully self-commissioned being, commissioned to divinity-realization as one’s truth of being, materializes the  faith: Everything happens for the best, and that, which is seen, is an immeasurable fraction of the immeasurable unseen. As, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,” (Plato), and “There are many events in the womb of time which will be delivered,” (William Shakespeare), it is the eyes of faith that eye and see in the unseen the beauty of truth—“Beauty is truth, truth beauty” (John Keats)—as “Faith is loyalty to unseen reality,” (Neville Goddard), and so it is, as, “Faith is a passionate intuition” (William Wordsworth).

In tune with intuition, in verse with the verse that we are, changed is the entire equation of our life, presented are the meanings hitherto unseen, and thus presents Albert Einstein: “There is no logical way to the discovery of these elemental laws. There is only the way of intuition, which is helped by a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance.” Yes! That, which is behind everything, as is felt for and felt, in hindsight, and surrendered to consciously and fully, presented is one with the foresight, the insights received called to the fore like never before, adding verses to one’s life, in perfect tune with the verse divine that one is of and in the equation of life, all illusions de-vined, divinity realized.


September 7, 2015

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Solaroscope, a healthy kickback

It is the kickbacks that give us a kick, to undertake an endeavor. It is the profit, envisaged, that drives the action, and there is nothing wrong with that, every act and thought driven by the perception, perception guided by belief, and belief formed by the cultural imprints and societal conventions, through times of a lifetime and through times of lifetimes—if we believe in reincarnation, and even if we do not, then energy considerations makes the acceptance facile, as energy neither can be created nor destroyed, simply transforms, and thus conserves, maintaining its self-feeding and perpetuating cycle, inexhaustibly, and thus, eternally. And it is the energy, its immortality that beckons to us to reap the dividends infinite, instead of getting kicked by the kickbacks…all, our very own creation, despite the lamentations and allegations…

Given the procession of progress, urbanization, the side-effects act as kickbacks that kick us back, bringing about the undesirable environmental impacts, and as all is and are connected—an infinitely compact disc, the universe—the constructions in the name of development, their effects, could be called a nexus or a symbiosis, depending on how we use the process, in the name of progress.

The number of buildings, residential and commercial, going up—with these two being hailed as prominent signposts of progress—though, coming up, at the cost, quite a bit, of de-vegetation, if solar panels are fitted atop the buildings, and power is generated, utilizing the natural resource, solar, instead of plundering it, then, it could be a compensation, of sorts, as well as a kickback that doesn’t kick us back, a progress happening with minimal regressive side-effects. And not just the buildings, the heat thus resulting, has been incrementing the use, and indiscriminate too, of AC’s further compounding the issue. So, what happens, when even the AC’s operate on solar energy? Yes…battery operated cars have come up, and they could be made further eco-friendly, fitted with the dual mode of getting recharged, the primary being by solar energy. And there are options galore, encompassing all sectors…and it is no folklore….

As to how it can be done, it is for the experts to lend their expertise, yet, intention and the desire to back the intention, is what looks up for attention, succeeding which, the solaroscope, infinite, is all set to present the infinite, truly recycling energy…consciously…. At least, it would not be the “take-take” situation from nature, which now is prevalent. What is relevant and what is not, is decided by the perception, as that guides the priority, and when the democracy truly stands for itself, it would be incorporating nature, too, the “ism,” oneness, of life, honored….

As solaroscope comes up within, knocking hard, it comes out, as a seed sown, on the collective consciousness forming the fellow beings, all of us a part of the whole, in which we are trying our level best to drill holes. As we sow so we reap, and so is sown the seed of solaroscope, trusting, it meets with the attention and commensurate attention allowing it to germinate and grow, the tireless energy of Sun, utilized as a soothing, cooling shade. Under the Sun, we all are one and without nature…where would forms physical be?

Solaroscope, is one such scope, of the innumerable, that life extends, to reverse and re-verse our ways….

June 26, 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Life is a mutual fund…

It is a “mutual fund,” life on the physical plane, wherein, we are investing and which we are redeeming, whether we know or not, as every single thought, thought, as even that contributes towards that fund, either increasing or decreasing the NAV (net asset value), irrespective of however much we hold the external SENSEX as the determinant. These are those exchanges, within, which, when sensed, realized are to be in exchange of which the manifestations are. 

How we deem our own selves, is what we redeem, and thus, our life teems with teams of events and moments, dim or bright. The light of truth, of being, when seen and allowed to shine, the NAV, the net asset value is realized to be immeasurable, and thus, its redemption inexhaustible, funding constant, infinitely, permanently abundant, and redundant, the external factors, that are factored out, as all is worked out in one’s favor, transcending the appearances to the contrary as just that, “appearances,” symbolic of the greater picture, non-apparent, which is seen as is seen through the apparent.

Shareholder is each, and when one doesn’t hold back the truth of being, playing out one’s true share, one realizes, too, the true share, ensnared by nothing, the mutual fund constantly funded, consciously, being aware, fully, not required to beware of anything, the pitfalls, filled, no pits to fall in. Risks are taken spontaneously, instead of loitering in the deemed comfort zone yet non-functional, of the conventional, not only the sum assured but much more! The uncharted charts the route to unprecedented proceeds, growth, ever on the rise, with recession not a consideration, as is not ever, the commission infinite, received, and likewise, the dividend, accrued, on this mission!

Funding in one’s own self, the mutual fund keeps on swelling, initiating and furthering the wellbeing of one and all, this sojourn, physical, as individual, as mutual, it is, and is, for furthering the journey eternal, ethereal, the fund going way beyond material, as is the real…—that which matters, the matter real—realized through the process, the process processing the purpose of the path through the path of purpose, realizing that NAV, unique, immeasurable, inexhaustible, of self, and inspiring the realization of that of all!

May 27, 2015

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mutually appreciative humanity

The process is always, and entirely, cyclic of life…. There is no other way to it, and thus, many a time, realizations happen seemingly in a roundabout fashion. Realizations, are fashioned in all ways, ways thus myriad and roundabout, too, as life is all about realizations, realizing all that is…our being, and thus all that there is…. There are bouts of revelations, and then, steady stream, leaving no room for any doubt, whatsoever, about what it is all about!

That, which we appreciate, appreciates…grows…. And that which we share, grows, too, as by sharing we appreciate, acknowledge it…. It depreciates not, rather, precipitates the richness intrinsic, when the same is appreciated: the unique creation that we are, imbued with unique creativity.  It is like fanning the fire, giving expression to the richness, while stoking and choking it is, when is repressed….

Appreciation, encouragement, crystallizes the unseen and even the unimagined, brilliance, the eternal inheritance, the essence of being…. And the ultimate appreciation, and that which essentially matters, is self-appreciation, as the journey is of self-realization. Though, till one is unaware of self, external appreciations and criticisms do matter. But with maturity, self-awareness, even when the appreciations are not forthcoming, from the external, and even when they are, the matter real is made material, self, realized—detached completely from both criticisms and appreciations alike….

Appreciation it is of the fact that no two are alike, as each “piece” is unique, and thus, appreciative of self, so is one of all…and instead of acrimony, it is harmony…and, even the hailed, “mutual admiration society,” transforms, as transcends to “mutually appreciative humanity”…. The transition, from mutual admiration society to mutually appreciative humanity, happens, stepping into the appreciation of uniqueness, of being, and thus, of all….

Life is realized to be “happening,” humanity thriving, consciously utilizing the natural reciprocity: the mechanism behind life’s functioning. Divinity realized, within, precipitates en masse realization of the same…. Humanity, appreciating divinity, appreciates, realizes, en masse, the intrinsic divinity….


March 26, 2015

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Why, the teacher appears only when the student is ready?

Recurrently, and that, too, a frequent recurrence…is the utterance, not without reason though, as nothing is so: “The teacher appears when the student is ready.” It is not a myth, though, when the appearance is, it is not expected, and many a time, mystical, surreal, but the reality undeniable….

Such are the presentations of life…yet, drawn by life, within…

This observation, as serves its purpose, the query, too, does… The query was evoked, “Why, the teacher appears only when the student is ready?” when it was…and today, reading a beautiful post by a friend, Vijay Nallawala, “The 3 i’s of an Icon” (, the evoked comment, appreciation, is found to contain the following, as a part of it: "‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears.’ And so it is, as one we are at source, each manifestation, thus, a manifestation of a level of our consciousness, and hence, as the healer as well as the healed, as the teacher as well as the taught... It is all drawn individually, mutually...and collectively...presenting the awe-inspiring presentations!”

The answer that was received and noted, finds itself shared, too….thus…and thus, delivers this post, too…and all is, yes, a matter of readiness, a matter of synchronicity. All is present, in and as the consciousness, as the one universal energy blanket. It is just that the receptivity to it, gives it its identity, in the way, “form” it is ready to be received, to serve its purpose…. Why didn’t this post come out before it does…or why didn’t it wait for a latter moment? And so it stands true, when it comes to reading it…

The same mechanism it is always, and so has been received the infinite blessing, Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God…and all, that has been realized…received…and is being, and will be….

It is all about resonance…matching of vibes, as all is energy…be it the thoughts…the things…the beings… All is and are energy, expressing itself...and thus are received revelations, too…in sublime moments of receptivity, to the Source of being—the universal energy of creation—receiving thus, the received, with and as sparking clarity.

Of course, experiences vary, each and all unique, and generalization is the option that leaves us with limited options, while the ensemble is unlimited. Hence, would simply and humbly note, I agree with the adage as well as the received answer—and thus, shared—as that is the experience, and the same gets added force, as is reinforced, life’s synchronicities a fact, an awe-inspiring fact…. But, please don’t believe in it as a fact, so long it is not so for you. So long it is not so, it remains so-called for you! That is the beauty of truth…

March 19, 2015

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Meanings change by leaps and bounds

As layers of ignorance are peeled,
And the self is revealed,
“Look before leap”
Transforms to “Feel before you leap.”

Feeling the vibes,
Before the leap,
One fails not to reap,
On one’s life a firm grip.

(From the poem "Feel the look, before you leap!")

March 5, 2015

P.S. Thanks to Dr Hari Kumar Parameshwar for urging to come out with four-liners! As they flowed and are acknowledged, so is his encouragements, and above all, the mechanism divine of the Divine...Its reciprocity...working through our inherent connectedness.... As It is the One-in-All and All-in-One, furthering the journeys, thus we are, individually as well as collectively....

Thursday, February 26, 2015

10th edition of the e-magazine, imantra

Grateful to be sharing yet another issue (the 10th) of the e-magazine, imantra, containing the article, "But, How to Know Thyself?" the sequel to the one in the 8th issue ("Mantra of Life: Know Thyself and BE Thyself")—in the midst of wonderful contributions from all contributors.

Grateful I am to imantra for yet again honoring the request for a downloadable version of the magazine. Here are the links to both the issues, in case any one of you wishes to refer to the prequel to this one!

(i) Links to the current, 10th issue: &

(ii) Links to the 8th issue: &   

Enjoy the reading...and enjoy thyself!


February 26, 2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

Seeking and Proving

One, who seeks proofs, seeks to prove, yet, there is nothing to seek and nothing to prove—realized, when is!

The journey of life, as is guided by the infinitely intelligent self-referral, always sensing and receiving the signals from the Source of self, Source of being, though, might appear to be moving through turbulence more, than the stillness of peace, actually, guides us to the peace of the awareness of the whole piece that we are of creation—none alike, each unique. The reference is always the self, the true self that doesn’t meet the eyes. And to meet it, to what extremes we go, and then, finding selves, repeatedly, in the eye of storms, and quite magically storm out of the same, too, as if simply lifted we are, we are ultimately led to meet that which doesn’t meet the eye…the real “i.”

We meet ourselves…and all rhyme and reasons, for happenings, gradually fall into place, even if not apparent, as the missing piece, the sense of belonging and being, our very existence, is sensed and lived every bit, in the present tense, no longer wailing over the past and apprehending the future. The rhyme and rhythm is found in the grime, too, the external clime transcended by that within. The chime of truth, heard in silence, silences the rest. Then, we do not have the eyes to see outside…either to peek into the past or to sneak into the future, as the sight is turned inward, and the visions, received, none, bleak. And even when the vestiges of the past, revisit, the experiences passed but effects recalled, the mind is invested in it not, as then, no seeking is called forth, as seeking isn’t felt to be called for….

What for? Because, the game of hide-and-seek is over! The pains, discontent, that hitherto formed the contents of one’s life, are realized to be the doing of self, the mechanism of self-referral working, always, with no question of “overtime,” ever, arising! It is the self, referring to self, and calling out, and as is heard and acknowledged, accepted and embraced, transcending all conventions, finding the truth of the unique divine self, unbound by any and all conventions, one receives everything…. That which was hiding…because, was unheeded, as is found, and “feeds” from it are steadily received, realized is the fact that all through, the seeking outside, yielding nothing but everything, as ultimately is directed the seeking inward, had been the undoing…. The “feedback” leads us back to what innately is yearned for…solely….

Thus, seeking what nots, yet, knowing not what...seeking proofs, and seeking to prove, ultimately, one realizes and affirms: “One, who seeks proofs, seeks to prove, yet, there is nothing to seek and nothing to prove, as has been proved, that that which is actually there to seek, is what, who, we actually are already…all ready, to be found….”

Everything being within, and that hiding, justification was sought outside, and thus, of others, and likewise of self, too…. Yet, finding everything within, realizing, the journey is of realizing all that that already is, is the purpose sole, and there isn’t anything to prove…explain…claim…and none to blame, realized is thus, alongwith, no proofs are to be sought. In fact, not even an iota of concentration is to be wasted on anything else, when the taste of the true self, the real “i” beckons to be tasted permanently, and its flavor, aroma oozes to touch any and many…. It is the light within, of unique intensity, that lights from within, surging to light all-around, and far and wide, and hides no longer…and in that light, each and all seek nowhere else, but seek and find their own light….

Finding the light within, the truth of self, none seeks anything anymore…and from none…the light of truth full proof!

February 10, 2015

Friday, January 9, 2015

Understanding and disagreeing, understanding but uncompromising!

Yes...these are just two examples, of the opposites in peaceful coexistence, in the consciousness, and so existing, because of the understanding behind the appearance of opposites, and thus, an understanding of what opposites are for, and thus, why they are....

The reality of relativity, absolute—all being contextual on this plane physical, our actions guided by our thoughts and beliefs, all perception-dependent, each thus unique and hence, different—as is understood, so is and are all. But the primary understanding, essential, is of self, as a unique being—with unique perceptions and ever-evolving—and that accessed, removed is the primer of superficialities...of superiorities and inferiorities, all accepted as “is,” neither bad nor good, right or wrong—but they could be, definitely, resonant or dissonant. All is acknowledged, then, from the perspective beyond the physical, from the realm of energy pure, from which erupts matter, as do we in form....

Thus, relativity, resonating with receptivity, comes to the fore, as that which heads this outpouring....

Understanding and disagreeing comes up, as the first combination, as the two sides of a love with each other!

It came out as, to begin with: “That, I understand you, doesn’t necessitate that I agree with you. It simply guides to disagree with you, but not disagreeably!”

And then, to the next, highlighting the importance of context: “We live to realize, and then, realize to live. It is all a process of remembrance, a journey from the Origin to the Origin, realizing, Origin is within, and guides to and through this journey, always and all the way, undeterred, understanding, yet uncompromising in Its endeavor.”

On this note, leave you all to draw the conclusions...and the implications, as the conveyed and its reception, all is subject, to the you perceive!

January 9, 2015

P.S. While the scripting of this post was almost through, the synchronicity—ever on, never through, as it scripts the journey of life—posts yet another message of its...affirming its commitment! The door calls, as the bell rings, and getting up to answer it, I didn’t know the nature of the ringing synchronicity, but did, soon... A gentleman, at the door, was standing to deliver a letter, from a courier service. He handed me the letter, while he held the pages, on one of which the signature was to be put. Waiting for him to hand that specific page, showing me the place for the signature, as he searched those sheaves of papers, I restrained the urge to tell him if he would like to see the letter, for the number specific—that the courier service providers mark each consignment with. But then, he didn’t try my restrain further, asking for the same, and then, relieved, said, number 6 it is, though, his relief was short-lived, as he still couldn’t find the name and thus the place for the signature. This time, seeing his perplexity, as he continually flipped through those same sheets, and having seen the envelope, simply observed, it could be 9, instead. Giving a smile of gratitude and relief, he said, so it would be...and that, he was wrong, and when he finds the number 9—as conveys the same, this time, the smile and relief, persisting—again, graciously and repeatedly states that he was wrong and I was right...and repeatedly he is told, it is not about right or wrong...but about the side from which we were viewing: it differed.... And all the while, and thereafter, too, keeps ringing with clarity the reality and graciousness of life’s ever-constant synchronicity....