Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mutually appreciative humanity

The process is always, and entirely, cyclic of life…. There is no other way to it, and thus, many a time, realizations happen seemingly in a roundabout fashion. Realizations, are fashioned in all ways, ways thus myriad and roundabout, too, as life is all about realizations, realizing all that is…our being, and thus all that there is…. There are bouts of revelations, and then, steady stream, leaving no room for any doubt, whatsoever, about what it is all about!

That, which we appreciate, appreciates…grows…. And that which we share, grows, too, as by sharing we appreciate, acknowledge it…. It depreciates not, rather, precipitates the richness intrinsic, when the same is appreciated: the unique creation that we are, imbued with unique creativity.  It is like fanning the fire, giving expression to the richness, while stoking and choking it is, when is repressed….

Appreciation, encouragement, crystallizes the unseen and even the unimagined, brilliance, the eternal inheritance, the essence of being…. And the ultimate appreciation, and that which essentially matters, is self-appreciation, as the journey is of self-realization. Though, till one is unaware of self, external appreciations and criticisms do matter. But with maturity, self-awareness, even when the appreciations are not forthcoming, from the external, and even when they are, the matter real is made material, self, realized—detached completely from both criticisms and appreciations alike….

Appreciation it is of the fact that no two are alike, as each “piece” is unique, and thus, appreciative of self, so is one of all…and instead of acrimony, it is harmony…and, even the hailed, “mutual admiration society,” transforms, as transcends to “mutually appreciative humanity”…. The transition, from mutual admiration society to mutually appreciative humanity, happens, stepping into the appreciation of uniqueness, of being, and thus, of all….

Life is realized to be “happening,” humanity thriving, consciously utilizing the natural reciprocity: the mechanism behind life’s functioning. Divinity realized, within, precipitates en masse realization of the same…. Humanity, appreciating divinity, appreciates, realizes, en masse, the intrinsic divinity….


March 26, 2015

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Why, the teacher appears only when the student is ready?

Recurrently, and that, too, a frequent recurrence…is the utterance, not without reason though, as nothing is so: “The teacher appears when the student is ready.” It is not a myth, though, when the appearance is, it is not expected, and many a time, mystical, surreal, but the reality undeniable….

Such are the presentations of life…yet, drawn by life, within…

This observation, as serves its purpose, the query, too, does… The query was evoked, “Why, the teacher appears only when the student is ready?” when it was…and today, reading a beautiful post by a friend, Vijay Nallawala, “The 3 i’s of an Icon” (, the evoked comment, appreciation, is found to contain the following, as a part of it: "‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears.’ And so it is, as one we are at source, each manifestation, thus, a manifestation of a level of our consciousness, and hence, as the healer as well as the healed, as the teacher as well as the taught... It is all drawn individually, mutually...and collectively...presenting the awe-inspiring presentations!”

The answer that was received and noted, finds itself shared, too….thus…and thus, delivers this post, too…and all is, yes, a matter of readiness, a matter of synchronicity. All is present, in and as the consciousness, as the one universal energy blanket. It is just that the receptivity to it, gives it its identity, in the way, “form” it is ready to be received, to serve its purpose…. Why didn’t this post come out before it does…or why didn’t it wait for a latter moment? And so it stands true, when it comes to reading it…

The same mechanism it is always, and so has been received the infinite blessing, Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God…and all, that has been realized…received…and is being, and will be….

It is all about resonance…matching of vibes, as all is energy…be it the thoughts…the things…the beings… All is and are energy, expressing itself...and thus are received revelations, too…in sublime moments of receptivity, to the Source of being—the universal energy of creation—receiving thus, the received, with and as sparking clarity.

Of course, experiences vary, each and all unique, and generalization is the option that leaves us with limited options, while the ensemble is unlimited. Hence, would simply and humbly note, I agree with the adage as well as the received answer—and thus, shared—as that is the experience, and the same gets added force, as is reinforced, life’s synchronicities a fact, an awe-inspiring fact…. But, please don’t believe in it as a fact, so long it is not so for you. So long it is not so, it remains so-called for you! That is the beauty of truth…

March 19, 2015

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Meanings change by leaps and bounds

As layers of ignorance are peeled,
And the self is revealed,
“Look before leap”
Transforms to “Feel before you leap.”

Feeling the vibes,
Before the leap,
One fails not to reap,
On one’s life a firm grip.

(From the poem "Feel the look, before you leap!")

March 5, 2015

P.S. Thanks to Dr Hari Kumar Parameshwar for urging to come out with four-liners! As they flowed and are acknowledged, so is his encouragements, and above all, the mechanism divine of the Divine...Its reciprocity...working through our inherent connectedness.... As It is the One-in-All and All-in-One, furthering the journeys, thus we are, individually as well as collectively....