Thursday, June 25, 2015

Solaroscope, a healthy kickback

It is the kickbacks that give us a kick, to undertake an endeavor. It is the profit, envisaged, that drives the action, and there is nothing wrong with that, every act and thought driven by the perception, perception guided by belief, and belief formed by the cultural imprints and societal conventions, through times of a lifetime and through times of lifetimes—if we believe in reincarnation, and even if we do not, then energy considerations makes the acceptance facile, as energy neither can be created nor destroyed, simply transforms, and thus conserves, maintaining its self-feeding and perpetuating cycle, inexhaustibly, and thus, eternally. And it is the energy, its immortality that beckons to us to reap the dividends infinite, instead of getting kicked by the kickbacks…all, our very own creation, despite the lamentations and allegations…

Given the procession of progress, urbanization, the side-effects act as kickbacks that kick us back, bringing about the undesirable environmental impacts, and as all is and are connected—an infinitely compact disc, the universe—the constructions in the name of development, their effects, could be called a nexus or a symbiosis, depending on how we use the process, in the name of progress.

The number of buildings, residential and commercial, going up—with these two being hailed as prominent signposts of progress—though, coming up, at the cost, quite a bit, of de-vegetation, if solar panels are fitted atop the buildings, and power is generated, utilizing the natural resource, solar, instead of plundering it, then, it could be a compensation, of sorts, as well as a kickback that doesn’t kick us back, a progress happening with minimal regressive side-effects. And not just the buildings, the heat thus resulting, has been incrementing the use, and indiscriminate too, of AC’s further compounding the issue. So, what happens, when even the AC’s operate on solar energy? Yes…battery operated cars have come up, and they could be made further eco-friendly, fitted with the dual mode of getting recharged, the primary being by solar energy. And there are options galore, encompassing all sectors…and it is no folklore….

As to how it can be done, it is for the experts to lend their expertise, yet, intention and the desire to back the intention, is what looks up for attention, succeeding which, the solaroscope, infinite, is all set to present the infinite, truly recycling energy…consciously…. At least, it would not be the “take-take” situation from nature, which now is prevalent. What is relevant and what is not, is decided by the perception, as that guides the priority, and when the democracy truly stands for itself, it would be incorporating nature, too, the “ism,” oneness, of life, honored….

As solaroscope comes up within, knocking hard, it comes out, as a seed sown, on the collective consciousness forming the fellow beings, all of us a part of the whole, in which we are trying our level best to drill holes. As we sow so we reap, and so is sown the seed of solaroscope, trusting, it meets with the attention and commensurate attention allowing it to germinate and grow, the tireless energy of Sun, utilized as a soothing, cooling shade. Under the Sun, we all are one and without nature…where would forms physical be?

Solaroscope, is one such scope, of the innumerable, that life extends, to reverse and re-verse our ways….

June 26, 2015