Thursday, March 5, 2015

Meanings change by leaps and bounds

As layers of ignorance are peeled,
And the self is revealed,
“Look before leap”
Transforms to “Feel before you leap.”

Feeling the vibes,
Before the leap,
One fails not to reap,
On one’s life a firm grip.

(From the poem "Feel the look, before you leap!")

March 5, 2015

P.S. Thanks to Dr Hari Kumar Parameshwar for urging to come out with four-liners! As they flowed and are acknowledged, so is his encouragements, and above all, the mechanism divine of the Divine...Its reciprocity...working through our inherent connectedness.... As It is the One-in-All and All-in-One, furthering the journeys, thus we are, individually as well as collectively....