Friday, October 2, 2015

In a grain of rice, wisdom ingrained!

Wisdom is the grain that forms life physical… Wisdom is with what life comes to form physical…. A seed knows how to grow…

Nothing is insignificant, everything, formed of the same infinite intelligence that forms and guides the process of life, with all things and beings integral to it.

This very intelligence, wisdom spoke for itself…yet again, today…

Sitting down, to lunch, with parents, as mom served rice, both me and father exclaimed, with the vibration of revelation, expressed, Eureka-like: The grain of rice looked longer than it had done, prior to the day, and so markedly that it drew our attention…with mom joining in, in the affirmative! And then, the logical mind, calling upon the “left brain,” entailed itself to find the reason…the investigative juices in full flow…and in another Eureka-moment, had it: The container in which it was cooked was bigger than the one usually used for that quantity of rice! Yet, the yet-another Eureka-moment that followed, immediately, found me totally floored and arisen, with the wisdom, arising, overwhelmed with gratitude….

This, the input of the “right brain,” presents the wisdom from the “core”: Space, given, growth is facilitated. The grains of rice, as got more space, got the scope… So akin to our interactions…
In our interactions and relationships, space has to be given, that space of honor, respecting all, even with all apparent differences and disagreements—and even when there are no differences. The excessive concern, as well as the tendency to impose, both, ultimately become overbearing, leading the interaction into a “reaction,” as also, doesn’t allow the growth of the other participant….

As is received the correlation, applauded is the wisdom, inherent in every being and everything—and that, hence, leads to the same, a grain of rice, the wisdom ingrained in it, one with that ingrained within our own selves, as our very being….

The investigative juices are lauded, in the aftermath, as the “passionate curiosity,” as connects with the core…the mind responding to the right brain, and jubilantly, the left and right, march in harmony…. Courted is Einstein, and thus, is quoted, hereby: “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

The wisdom ingrained in the grain of rice, as leads to the essentiality of according space for growth, honoring the oneness and uniqueness, of each and all, both at the same time, so conveys, “Live and let live,” and relays the same, the idiom, “This far and no further,” to experience a life that thrives, instead of heaving heavy sighs.

The wisdom, at the core, finds its way out, one way or the other, just as it does, through this medium, a grain of rice…as wisdom ingrained in the grain of rice!

October 1, 2015