Sunday, October 18, 2015

Revere, not berate...

All is always there, yet, in moments uniquely receptive, received are the hitherto "unseen." Even though the scene remains same, the "seen" is not quite so! This is how the splendors are splashed in the conscious consciousness by the graciousness divine of the Divine...the Infinite. 

So is found to reverberate the word "reverberate" appearing differently, and all so transpires that yet again inspires the divine, magical, mystical synchronicity...: the word file indicates some sort of error, the green-colored underline. Error there is none, and who knew, till known, that the underline underlined the ever underlying affirmation of the Divine: Lies, within, everything...and so is it with the words...beholding much more than is seen.

The reverberation of "reverberate," received, is a calling from within, and to all: "As the calling reverberates, revere and not berate, your very being!"

October 18, 2015