Thursday, August 24, 2017

From the “Author’s note” and “Introduction”

“When there is an effect, there has to be a cause, as the effect is the cause made manifest! The invisibility or imperceptibility of the cause is no proof of its non-existence. What happens, happens, that is why!”

‘What do we mean and understand when we say and hear (now quite often): “They (we) share a very good chemistry”?

Life is many things, to most, as the options provided by life are ever too many! Though, those options are not too many is the belief and thus experience, when our perspective stays closeted with the conventional, even if it has stopped to be functional. Our beliefs form our perception and our perceptions form our beliefs—and, which precedes, is difficult to declare, so intrinsically entwined they are. Yet, irrespective of the order, the action and reaction of belief and perception leads to a product, called “experience.”’

August 24, 2017

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